Seen In Vancouver #382: Hastings’ “Bitter Tasting Room” (Finally) Gets Its Patio Open

Bitter Tasting Room at 16 West Hastings finally got the green light it needed to open their little, super secluded patio. This shot (sent in by Sean Heather) is from early last night during set up.


There are 3 comments

  1. geez, how relaxing. a patio in the middle of poverty, addiction and sad lives. this is not an argument against gentrification, it is just bizarre that folks will pay 11$ a drink and are able to be comfortable and relax with all of the dysfunction happening around them.

  2. Your right they shouldn’t have bothered even opening Bitter at all, or any of Sean’s other places I guess. They all have dysfunction around them…

    I for one am glad for Sean’s endeavors and look forward to enjoying a drink on that patio soon. I also look forward to one day seeing the whole ROW opened up to the public, with more patios lining it.

  3. my comment was not an attack on sean or his endeavors. that particular block is deep in sadness and dysfunction. i personally wouldn’t want to enjoy my expensive drink open air with all that going on around me.

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