SMOKE BREAK #967: “Hey Vancouver, This Is You On Craigslist” Film By Lewis Bennett

Here’s the latest short from Lewis Bennett, a local man who we’ve been proud to support in his mission to make 12 short films about BC in 2012. His last film – The Sandwich Nazi – went viral, clocking 100,000 views on the day we published it, showing up in several local blogs, The Georgia Straight, and as far afield as Eater National. He’s getting better as he goes along. This is his fifth film in the series. “We collected some Craigslist ads over a period of a few weeks and we asked some people in Stanley Park to read those posts,” Bennett writes. “These are all real ads and they were all posted by people in Vancouver and the surrounding communities.” Enjoy.


  • Darcy McGee

    Hasn’t the whole “craigslist ads sound really strange out of context” trope been mined a bit heavily already? Veda Hille’s Craigslist Cantata was fresher.