GREENLIGHT: Shifting The Way Deliveries Are Made Around Downtown Vancouver

by Claudia Chan | We’ve got lots to rave about when it comes to our city’s much revered bike culture. From bike lanes, the seawall and a pro-cyclist city council to bike festivals and the upcoming bike share program, Vancouver’s bikescape is booming. Shift Urban Cargo Delivery also belongs on our proud list of bike celebrations.

Inspired by a Portland venture called B-Line, Shift is Canada’s first-of-its-kind cargo bike co-op. Their heavy-duty trikes cruise the bike lanes and roads, carrying up to 500 pounds with a zero-emission philosophy, trying to transform the local delivery trade by ‘shifting’ the way its business is done, one trip at a time. In rain, snow or shine, you can spot a trike on the streets of downtown Vancouver, 365 days a year. They make deliveries of everything from office supplies, produce, and clothing to electronic recycling, catering and small furniture. They count among their clients companies like Terra Breads, Save-on-Meats, SPUD, Glorious Organics and Urban Stream. If your business is in need of a delivery system, give them a shout. Short of that, just give a wave of encouragement the next time you see one go by.

NOTE: If you’ve got what it takes to power a trike, Shift is looking for an extra pair of legs to join their team. You can e-mail for more information on how to apply.


Claudia Chan is an advocate of all things green. Born and raised in Vancouver, she is inspired by the work of local urban farmers, eco artists and policy makers who make this city the most lush and livable to work and play in. Her mission with Scout and her “Greenlight” column is to impart her enthusiasm for bike lanes, community gardens, farmers’ markets and more to her fellow Vancouverites.

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  1. > We’ve got lots to rave about when it comes to our city’s much revered bike
    > culture.

    Exactly where is it “revered?” Vancouver’s ‘cycling culture’ is fair to middling at best, though it’s getting better.