TEA & TWO SLICES: On Big Trouble At The Cactus Club And Mt. Pleasant Becoming Kits

by Sean Orr | Who saw this coming? Nobody. English Bay Cactus Club causing conflict between cyclists and pedestrians. I can just picture the junior-douchebags drunk on bellinis stumbling into the bike lane, calling cyclists “fags” and just generally detracting from the social fabric of our city.

Gentrification nation: Conflict of Interest at City Hall | Condo Tower Approved in Chinatown. Juicy stuff, Mainlander, although I’m not sure how I feel about the jab at the good people opening up on the 400 block of Columbia…

Speaking of interests and conflicts: Vancity urged to dump interests in Enbridge (one of those moments when you tug at your collar and go “yeeesh”).

Pressure mounts on B.C. Liberals to end silence on Northern Gateway pipeline (and speaking of pressures mounting, my new album Pressure Mounts just dropped).

Yellow Cabs Drawn into Rocky Mountaineer Labour Fight. This is the same Rob Ford-esque piece of work who was chair of the NPA’s election campaign when the lockout first started, then accused Vision of meddling.

Because its illegal every where else: Mount Pleasant skate park dominated by adult males, according to resident. When did Mount Pleasant become as stuck up as Kitsilano?

And before you know it, Mount Pleasant will have a cat café. Oh god. They’re going to call the drinks Cattés and Cattucinos, aren’t they? We’re so fucked.

Because nobody looks when they turn right on a red: Most pedestrian-involved crashes caused by turning vehicles. I can’t count how many times this has happened to me. I used to kick the side of the car but people would react like I was trying to kill their first-born child…

Whee! Bouncy real-estate sales expected in Vancouver. Reads a bit like a poorly translated Hungarian to English phrasebook.

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  1. careful taking jabs at Markle and the Mainlander, now you’ve got Marxist ally and “notorious DTES bully” gunning for you:

    May 11:
    Ivan Drury ? @p0stcap
    Wanted: Investigation on the connection between the businesses buying ad space on the Scout Mag site & the stories on the Scout Mag site

  2. So one former troll coming out of the woodwork to tell me about a new one? Drury’s distrust of all things media is unfortunate but understandable. I actually often wonder the opposite- how I am able to get away with a lot of the things I say. My apparent defense of gentrification comes twofold- as an academic and former geography student who also does psycho-geogrpahic history tours of the DTES and that I’ve been working in Gastown for a couple of years now as a p/t dishwasher. P/T because I am mentally ill and cannot work full-time. But because I am able to work some amount, I am unable to receive disability. Sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place. So I moved into the condo that my parents bought my brother and I to avoid paying exorbitant rents to anonymous West End landlords. My rent is low but they get no subsidy for helping me out. Just a well timed investment 10 years ago. So investigate all you want Drury. Should be easy as you’ve known me since your days in Manner Farm.

  3. Simple solution to the pedestrian accident issue, ban right turns on red, there ya go 20% of accidents poof, gone. Then if you really want to save lives make the busiest intersections full red intersections with diagonal cross walks.

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