DINER: First Look At The Highly Anticipated Minami In Yaletown’s Old Goldfish Location

by Andrew Morrison | I snuck a peek inside Minami yesterday (the old Goldfish location at 1118 Mainland Street in Yaletown). The anticipated Japanese restaurant – a relative of popular Miku (owned by Seigo Nakamura) – still has three weeks left before it’s scheduled to open, but already it’s looking pretty swell. The deep brown stain from the original wood floors has been sanded away to leave a nice raw glow, and many of the rear dining room walls and both private rooms are in the midst of a decorative once-over by Hideki Kimura, the acclaimed mural painter from Japan (he’s leading a team of artists from neighbouring Raw Canvas). The firm behind the newer aspects of the look (ie. the facets not inherited from Goldfish) is Vancouver’s own OMB (the same folks responsible for the clean lines of Obakki, and Oru), so the end result will likely be modern looker worthy of a good gawk.

As far as the food is concerned, I’m told that we can expect more aburi sushi and plenty of dishes that Miku fans will recognize, as well as a noticeable shift towards more “hot” items. The bar program has been designed by former Bartender of the Year Shaun Layton of L’Abattoir, with the sake element being looked after by Miki Ellis of Hapa Izakaya fame (a certified sake expert). Service will be led by former Sandbar GM Mike Deas-Dawlish and Miku veteran Patrick Rider. Mark your calendars. D-day is May 30th.

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  • Ellis

    Beautiful pictures, Andrew! Thanks for the sneak peek. =D

    Tiny edit: Aburi, not Arburi

    Aburi sushi (????, roasted sushi) consists of nigiri sushi with a fish topping that is partly grilled and partly raw

  • antonio

    Looks good and sounds exciting might have to venture into that hideous neighbourhood to try it.

  • Sophia

    Can’t wait to check the place out when it opens. Great photos!

  • L

    A little did-you-know: Miki Ellis is actually more than just a sake expert. She’s the world’s youngest certified sake connoisseur.