GOODS: “The Granville Room” Welcomes New Keg Cocktail Program By Trevor Kallies

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The GOODS from The Granville Room

Vancouver, BC | The Donnelly Group is thrilled to welcome a new keg cocktail program at the company’s flagship cocktail tavern, the Granville Room. The signature 10 year-old venue is focused on cocktail and beer selections guaranteed to pique the interest of experienced imbibers and novices alike, paired with a boutique dining menu to match the room’s contemporary classic feel.

Adding to the Granville Room’s extensive list of libations are signature keg cocktails, crafted by the Donnelly Group’s Bar & Beverage Director Trevor Kallies. The latest is an iconic Long Island Ice Tea made in collaboration with head bartender Joey Donnelly, using Smirnoff, Cointreau, El Jimador, Beefeater and Havana Club, with a splash of cola and cO2 pressurization.

Roughly every two weeks the Granville Room will see a new keg cocktail on the menu, using a special 20 liter keg draft system. Gather old and new friends for a chance to try the draught Long Island Ice Tea keg cocktail available until April 18th. For more information read Trevor Kallies latest blog post that highlights the history and rebirth of this unique cocktail.



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Hours: 4pm – 3am daily

The Team

General Manager | Tony Heaney
Trevor Kallies | Bar & Beverage Director
Kye Agrios | Head Chef

About The Granville Room

The Donnelly Group’s flagship cocktail tavern has a well-appointed and casually elegant design. The venue’s expansive back bar is over 9 feet high and constructed of red oak, well-stocked with the makings for the cocktails that inform the room’s drink selection. Antique seltzer bottles, classic novels and assorted oddities sit behind glass while the smooth black bartop is dimly lit by limited edition Art Deco-inspired pendant lamps. This signature 10 year old venue is complemented with exposed-bulb light fixtures that hang above the dining areas, where guests can choose between comfortable booth seating or beautiful antique chairs, restored and brought back to life from their original 1940s finishings. For more information please visit:


The Donnelly Group values guest experience above all. With an emphasis on locally sourced, quality products, impressive entertainment and interesting interior design, the Donnelly Group owns and operates public houses, cocktail taverns and nightclubs of note in Vancouver BC.  For more information please visit



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  1. i must admit, i am surprised that the granville room is on scout’s discerning list of recommended establishments. it’s a nice looking space, but words cannot begin to describe the appalling experience that my friends and i had here. the service was terrible, we were overcharged by $70, and when we tried to voice our concerns the manager literally laughed at us. i don’t expect much from donnelly bars but in my opinion, granville room is the worst restaurant in the city.

  2. A sincere thanks to Regan (above) for contacting me about my bad experience at the Granville Room and trying to make it right. I look forward to giving Donnelly another shot.