TEA & TWO SLICES: On Paulina Gretzky Versus Jesus And Budgeting For Old People

by Sean Orr | Blaming the plighted for their plight: Public-sector workers are ‘spoiled over-class’. Take it from Mark Steyn, the guy who believes that “Eurabia” – a future where the European continent is dominated by Islam — is an imminent reality that cannot be reversed. “A great paradox of human nature is that the more handouts people are given, the less they appreciate them. And the more they are given, the more they expect”. Which is exactly the opposite of what is actually happening. Greece, like most places dominated by the neo-liberal agenda, has had to make drastic cuts to the social safety net. These aren’t handouts. These are basic government services that have been decimated.

And with an aging population, the first affected are the youth: The Canadian Budget: Jim Flaherty Doesn’t Care About Young People. Ironically, they’re the only people that can also do something about it.

So they’d rather it sat empty? Residents in the upscale Southlands neighbourhood are upset over a plan to turn the historic Casa Mia mansion into a seniors’ care facility, fearing it will further congest traffic and destroy the site’s heritage feel. By “heritage feel” do they mean the Mission Revival Style architecture more commonly associated with California? Or are they referring to it’s association to illegal drug smuggling? Or are they referring to its history as a residence for legendary acid doctor Ross Maclean? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for those things. It’s just that I don’t think the people who want preserve its history are.

Too close to home: Report: Nation’s Gentrified Neighborhoods Threatened By Aristocratization.

Jesus died for your syntax: Paulina Gretzky caught on video leaving Los Angeles nightclub. Happy Easter, from The Province.

CKNW Tweets: “Heckler at Premier’s newser: “Give us a raise!” In a hospital, but unclear which group heckler was from”. Um, try the public. Why do they have to belong to some group to be pissed off?

Local boys make it to ESPN: Isotopes blend punk and baseball.

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  1. People living on Southwest Marine think a seniors’ residence is going to cause traffic problems? What do they have now, a quiet side street? It’s a highway, for Pete’s sake. A seniors’ residence isn’t going to cause any more problems than, say, the multiple golf clubs already on the road.

    (P.S. I think you forgot “porn set” in describing Casa Mia’s past.)

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