Foreign Intelligence Briefing #399: “Kony 2012″ Releases 20 Minute Follow-Up Movie

After Kony 2012 boss Jason Russell’s apparent breakdown in California a few weeks ago (he went screaming naked in the streets), the organisation has just released a new 20 minute film – Kony 2012 Part 2: Beyond Famous – detailing Invisible Children’s progress in raising awareness about the evil Gargamel Joseph Kony and his cat Asrael the LRA. Have your salt grains at the ready. Though Kony is indeed a massive asshole, TDW reminds us that Invisible Children isn’t a charity, but rather “a private interest group that allocates the overwhelming majority of its budget (nearly 70% in 2011) toward travel, compensation, administration, fundraising, making movies, and lobbying celebrities and Congress to support its central aim: direct foreign military intervention in Africa.” The new film is as well-made as the original, but as a consequence of the negative fallout surrounding the original, it’s hard to find it anywhere near as compelling. Will it have the same reach/impact? It’s hardly a day old, and quickly approaching a million hits. Cue internet backlash in 3, 2, 1…

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