Cruising BC Ferries To Enjoy A Five Course Meal For Just $21 (Some Assembly Required)

by Deanna Ladret | Imagine ocean-front dining with an ever-changing view. Five courses, $21, no tip required. Where can one find such a bargain? Look no further than the BC Ferries Pacific Buffet.

Most people agree that things taste better when they look great, so why not give your buffet meal a little extra love and really dine in style? If you’re sceptical of the aforementioned principle, then consider this activity a creative way to spend the 90 minute, cross-Strait trip while ensuring you remain full for hours. You will probably get a few inquisitive looks from fellow patrons, but don’t let them embarrass you or pressure you to hurry up as you painstakingly dot your plate with strawberry syrup. You’re taking your onboard dining experience to the next level, and if anyone asks, just tell them you’re a food writer. Instructions after the jump…

Course One: Salad

Candied beets on shoestring carrots with feta dice, beans and alfalfa sprout lace

Garnish with Italian viniagrette from the condiments section.

Course Two: Soup

Clam chowder with garlic croutons, parmigiana, black pepper

Croutons and cheese are usually located in the salad bar. You might find the chowder needs a little salt.

Course Three: Pasta

Roasted mushroom ravioli in a tomato cream sauce, with spinach chiffonade, fresh cherry tomatoes, and crumbled feta.

You’ll need to slice your own spinach and tomatoes (found at the salad bar, you’ll be using a table knife so don’t aim for perfection here). Arrange in the centre of the plate on top of the ravioli, sprinkle with feta and black pepper.

Course Four: Salmon

Coho salmon in a dijon shiitake sauce, on wilted greens with sunflower seeds, lemon peel, and fresh cucumber salad.

“Wilt” a few greens from the salad bar beneath the piece of salmon. Peel lemon wedge with your knife, dice up a couple of cucumber slices to create a small salad. Squeeze lemon juice over cucumber, use the peel to garnish.

Course Five: Dessert

Chocolate Decadence Cake with an almond florentine, in a pool of strawberry coulis.

Create strawberry coulees by collecting a small amount of syrup from the bowl of strawberry sauce located in the Dessert Bar. You can always adjust the quantities here according to appetite.

If you’re too full for dessert, make yourself a mocha by mixing a Baker’s hot chocolate packet with the on-tap coffee. Enjoy with an Imperial Mint Wafer and browse the newspaper as you pause from time to time to take in the view. Before you know it, you’ll have reached your destination. Bon Voyage, et Bon Appetit!


Deanna’s journalism career launched at the age of 9, as the co-Editor in Chief of her cul-de-sac’s newspaper, The Autumnwood Times, and co-anchor of the cassette recorded hit radio station JDLW AM1270. Ever since then, she has been trying to narrow the gap between her imaginary fame and the actual reality.



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  1. I totally guffawed when Deanna submitted it. It’s a smart way to pass the time.