Food Media Omnibus #562: On Frank Bruni Getting Gout And Alex Gill Scarfing Poutine

by Claire Lassam | Presenting Scout’s weekly Food Media Omnibus, a collection of links to the local and international food stories of the day…

If you’ve heard of Tomatoland, or the actual slave labour involved in Florida tomatoes, you’ll be happy about this man pleading guilty of tomato price fixing.

Apltly titled “Got Propaganda” Alternet story looks into failing milk sales.

Andrew Morrison talks spot prawns and stinging nettles in The Westender.

Adding to the list of why Brooklyn is the place to be these days is indoor farming. NYDaily News reports.

Alexandra Gill eats poutine at the Oakwood.

The Taiwanese are outraged by US beef laced with ractopamine. Perhaps we shouldn’t be sending meat halfway around the world. Eat local, people!

On a similar note, Wendy’s is way more humane because they use gas to knock chickens out instead of electricity. Well, some of the chickens…

The Province discusses the battle of the chocolate bunnies.

The Guardian reminisces about school lunches.

Grass-fed beef is inarguably better then corn-fed beef, but the Canadian billionaire who is planning on killing 300 grass fed cows a day to serve at his racetracks…I just think he might just be missing the point.

I am totally intrigued by the matzo granola recipe on TheKitchn.

Cultured butter at home? Food52 gives us the recipe.

Time dishes on the Consumer Report that details how frozen bagels are as good as those from any New York bagel shop.

Obviously, The New York Post had something to say about that.

The legendary Frank Bruni talks about red meat his recent gout diagnosis.

And last, Mia Stainsby eats comfort food at Siena.


Claire Lassam is a baker, blogger, and freelance writer based in East Van. She has been cooking and baking her way through the city for nearly five years, working in restaurants ranging from Cioppino’s to Meat & Bread. She currently toils at Beta 5 Chocolates and runs the baking blog Just Something Pretty.


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