(NOT SO) AWESOME THING WE ATE #861: One Red Bull BBQ Chicken Wing At The Pint

by Andrew Morrison | You know when someone says “Ew, dude. This is so fucking gross. You should totally try it,” and against your better judgment, like a complete tool, you do? Such was the case the other day when I arrived to watch a Canuck game at a less-than-a-week-old faux “public house” near Chinatown. In the offing on this occasion were “Red Bull BBQ” flavoured wings, proffered by a great friend of a great friend who I did not want to be impolite to. So I took just one, which was all I needed to remember what instant, full-bodied regret tasted like. Pardon the slight hyperbole, but if you can imagine oral disembowelment while in the act of gnawing, multiply that discomfort by a trillion, crank The Fox 99.3 on high volume, and then rub your eyeballs with a dried urine-encrusted rag. That’s similar to the kind of awfulness that had to be endured. For reasons that would confound all but perhaps the most brilliant of cultural anthropologists, the new joint – called “The Pint” – boasts some 40 flavours of chicken wings. Looking at the menu, it was clear that they’d run out of ideas at 20, and the one I tried was a convincing argument for stopping at 5.

Moral: Some adventures just aren’t worth taking, so should you ever be tempted to eat poultry after it’s been infused with the flavour of an energy drink, try your best to think about something else, like dead pigeons, violent vulcanism, or the origins of chess.


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  1. 40 chicken wings!!! thats 40 more than i would have ever asked for in a drinking establishment. when did vancouver become calgary circa 1999

  2. For a group that went outside the box I rather enjoy the idea of trying new things. I think your comments are pretty drastic but at the end of the day we are all entitled to our own opinion. I am not a fan of brussell sprouts therefore i won’t eat them and if I try and still don’t like it then it is my fault. I went tho the Pint on St. Patty’s day and had one of the best times in this city. They are definitely one of the better establishments and I personally am excited to see them bring something new to the city.


  3. Thanks Jessica. Out of curiosity, what do you think they are bringing to the city that’s new?

  4. I’m great at choking down food to be polite. I even polished of a healthy slab of my dad’s homemade head cheese recently for the very reason. But I didn’t try chicken wings with alfredo sauce. Took a picture though!


  5. Though I didn’t try the food, I had a really great time at The Pint this past Sunday afternoon with friends. The staff were super friendly and the place was packed with people seemingly having a good time. I don’t know too many other establishments where I can play life size Jenga. I also think your post was a little dramatic and irresponsible considering the influence you may or may not have on some folks willingness to try new locations.

  6. Thanks Jason. I don’t know too many other establishments where I can play life size Jenga, either.

  7. Guilt & Co. has life size jenga and their bar doesn’t suck. Didn’t realise this is part of the Honey/Lotus replacement. Yay for top 40 clubs and sports bars serving red bull chicken wings.

    @antonio – fairly sure the people who took over Honey/Lotus are from Calgary so that would explain a lot….

  8. So we went to the Pint for a drink and bite before a movie at Tinsel Town. I ordered a basic burger and got something with cheese and bacon, which would have been fine except for that hideous barfy que sauce.
    Friends had wings where were meh, they said. My partner ordered the butter chicken… yes there was chicken and yes there was rice and the sauce??? the same hedious barfy que sauce!! I kid you not, my friends…. barbeque sauce where there should be buttery Indian curry flavour sauce.

  9. First mistake…eating food at the Pint.

    Second mistake…the Pint applying for a liquor primary license. Great, now all the people kicked out of Blarney can stumble over to here and vice versa.

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