GOODS: Nicli Antica Pizzeria Set To Expand With “Vicino Pastaria & Deli” In Spring 2012

Nicli Antica Pizzeria is located at 62 East Cordova in Vancouver, BC | 604-669-6985 |

The GOODS from Nicli Antica Pizzeria

Vancouver, BC | Vancouver’s first and foremost Vera Pizza Napolentana Nicli Antica is about to expand. Owners Bill and Alison McCaig are working tirelessly to bring the same level of quality and passion for Italian food to the logical next step, literally next door!

The new restaurant, named with the help of Vancouver-based Industrial Brand, will be called Vicino Pastaria & Deli. “’Vicino’ means “neighbour” in Italian, which seems fitting considering its location next door to Nicli, yet is also meant to express their commitment to the Gastown neighbourhood.” says Ben Garfinkel, Creative Director.

“Fresh filled and extruded dried pasta will be made on site using the best ingredients,” promises McCaig, “with cured meats, imported, local and some made in house available to enjoy on premises or for your table at home.” The plan is to not only curate a terrific retail selection of ingredients, but apply the same approach to quality and authenticity used next door at Nicli to create a suite of signature sauces and which customers can take home and finish themselves, or sit down at the long share table and enjoy with other likeminded food fanatics from the neighbourhood. Learn more after the jump…

McCaig said he hoped Vicino Pastaria & Deli will be open as early as spring 2012.

On a related note, Nicli Antica Pizzeria is reaching out to their fellow Gastown food services folks. “Having worked in a few kitchens,” explained McCaig, “I know what it’s like to finish a long shift, wishing for a decent option for a quick meal and a beer, and be faced with the fact that the only thing left open is mass produced, fast food.” So, for those Vancouver hospitality staff who bust their asses to make and serve our meals, from 10pm to midnight daily, Nicli is offering up a an entire Pizza Margherita and a Draft Howe Sound Lager for $12.

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62 East Cordova, Vancouver, BC | V6A 1K2
Telephone: 604-669-6985
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The People

Bill McCaig | Proprietor
Gino Di Domenico | GM
Chris Picek | Chef
Matthew Morgenstern | Wine Director
Brianna Weins | Assistant Manager
William Johnson | Lead Bartender

About Nicli Antica Pizzeria

Finally open and properly filling the void in Vancouver’s pizza scene is Nicli Antica Pizzeria. Immediately considered the best pizza in Vancouver by many, owner Bill McCaig’s goal is to transport you to Italy in one bite.

Reviews & Accolades

Scout Magazine | Vancouver Sun | Globe & Mail | Metro

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  1. True, but it means “neighbouring” and “neighbour” as well. In this context (with Nicli next door), it’s appropriate.

  2. Interesting, don’t speak Italian but I do speak Portuguese is usually close/near enough. The Portuguese word for neighbour is vizinho which would be pronounced almost identically. So I can only imagine it does mean neighbour in other romance languages.

  3. this sounds great!!! cheers to the owners for contributing to the neighbourhood and giving restaurant works a place to have a knock off and a bite after work.