SEEN IN VANCOUVER #334: $10,000 In Fat Black Winter Truffles Land At “Hawksworth”

January 13, 2012 

How do you make a chef happy in January? Bring him black winter truffles of course. Chef David Hawksworth of Hawksworth in the Rosewood Hotel Georgia took delivery of a $10,000 pile of them this morning from Perigord, France, and will be using them in the restaurant starting this evening. Anyone else fancy potato gnocchi with oxtail dusted with black winter truffle for supper?


  • Colleen

    After watching the 60 minutes special on truffles this week, about 20% of these truffles are *gasp* Chinese counterfeits!

  • John Holmes

    Big dea! you cant get any more fricken esoteric than fricken truffles from a guy who has nothing hot air blown up his ass all the time. Gimme a break how much creativity do yo really need to shave some earth shit nuggets that a horny pig has dug up. Any half ass first year cook could do that.

  • Patrick Malone

    This last comment written by J. Holmes should not have passed the moderators stink test.

    While I can appreciate candor there has to be at least some intellectual barrier to enter a discussion, particularly one aimed directly at a site’s client.

    Cyber-space is filled with ‘no holes barred’ bulletin boards but this should not be one of them, while it may be editorially entertaining to skate the rasors edge it’s a disservice to the client and an impediment for others to post their PR.

  • Scout Magazine

    With all due respect, Patrick, we’ll need to keep our own counsel when it comes to comment moderation. In this instance, we found John Holmes’ idiocy to be so pointed as to be almost entertaining, and so of value to our readership. Your expertise on the internet is nevertheless appreciated, and we thank you for reading.

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