SOUNDTRACKING: Destroyer’s Treatment Of New Order’s 1983 Classic “Leave Me Alone”

by Daniel Colussi | Vancouver favourite son Dan Bejar is not shy about his love of New Order. They’re his first love after all, and 2011′s meisterwerk Kaputt was positively dripping with the epic sweep and existential dread synonymous with the group.  So it’s fitting that the Destroyer frontman was commissioned by Mojo Magazine to cover Leave Me Alone, the final track from Power, Corruption And Lies, as a celebration of New Order’s reuniting. Bejar’s treatment is faithful, and yes, loving. While I can’t say that New Order taking another kick at the can is all that exciting to me (especially since bassman Peter Hook isn’t involved), hearing Bejar take on this killer track from one of the most definitive albums of the 1980s is still what I call rad.

[top left image via Color]

Zulu Records veteran and tunage aficionado Daniel Colussi is the Music Editor of Scout Magazine.

  • Thomas

    As the “glass half empty merchant” that you are, you fail to mention that Gillian is back in the lineup.


  • Jimmy

    Stellar version. Can’t say I’m familar with Dan Bejar but will look into him and into this Mojo disc. I agree though that will without Hooky,

    Sadly Gillian propped up behind a keyboard (plugged in or not) cannot offset one of the few bass pioneers. This latest NO is cover band. it ain’t New Order. I’ve seen NO everytime since 1981 and their Coachella appearance a few years back was gringeful and sure sign that this shit machine has gotta end.

    Barney is the poster boy for what too much E can do. The radge needed a teleprompter for Blue Monday…. a sure sign of the end of minds.