Welcome to art & design section of The GOODS. It’s our curated collection of local and independent design houses, photographers, and creative firms. We are therefore proud to help promote each and every one of them here and by sharing their news and employment requires on our front page. If you think that your company would be a good fit for Scout, you can learn more about joining Scout here.

Art & Design

3969904240_d43b19f3bc_oRaef Grohne

Raef Grohne | 604-618-6413 | | Raef is a seasoned architectural photographer (that’s seasoned as in ‘experienced’, not ‘well spiced’). For over 15 years… | EXPLORE ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY

Foodie Photography

113-2050 Scotia St | Vancouver BC | 604-708-4343 | | Foodie Photography is Tracey Kusiewicz, a freelance photographer specializing in food and beverage, product, still life and…EXPLORE FOODIE PHOTOGRAPHY

Hamid Attie Photography

128 West 6th Ave, Studio 306 | Vancouver BC | 604-813-1014 | | Hamid Attie is one of Vancouver’s premier food and restaurant photographers, supplying creative, contemporary imagery for your…EXPLORE HAMID ATTIE PHOTOGRAPHY

ScoutviewerAloe Designs

We are a full-service landscape design group with a modern take on garden making, from initial consultation through design and installation. Throughout the process we are committed to…EXPLORE ALOE DESIGNS

ScoutviewerGlasfurd & Walker

Glasfurd & Walker is a creative studio formed in early 2007 by Phoebe Glasfurd (Creative Director) and Aren Fieldwalker (Managing Director) after both moved from Sydney, Australia…EXPLORE GLASFURD & WALKER DESIGN

iStock_000000843245SmallMusic Direction

Music plays a significant role in the customer experience in restaurants, retail stores and hotels. Music contributes to the retail environment and the corporate brand to the same degree as interiors finishes, furniture…EXPLORE MUSIC DIRECTION

Union Wood & Supply Company

503 Railway St | 604-675-9033 | | Founded in 2009, Union Wood & Supply Company is a retail and on-site furniture-making/interior design shop located in Strathcona North…EXPLORE UNION WOOD & SUPPLY


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