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Style & Retail

Heartbreaker Salon

Heartbreaker salon is a direct extension of its owner, Deandra Vaughn – a welcoming, unpretentious, no nonsense zone where you can expect to get quality service and a unique…EXPLORE HEARTBREAKER SALON


#217-207 W. Hastings St. | Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 | | As owners with significant connections to the local music industry, Dane and Keith enjoy using a musical analogy…EXPLORE CAVALIER


2205 West 4th Ave. | Vancouver, BC | 604-731-7673 | | Over the last 24 years gravitypope has built up an extensive footwear brand listings that ranges from popular sport, comfort…EXPLORE GRAVITYPOPE

Inform Interiors

50 & 97 Water St. | Vancouver, BC | 604-682-3868 | | Inform Interiors owner Niels Bendtsen has been working with contemporary furniture all his life. In 1963, he opened…EXPLORE INFORM INTERIORS

Modern Bartender

28 East Pender St. | Vancouver, BC | 604-684-1747 | | The Modern Bartender is Vancouver’s first and only brick and mortar location for all things Drink!…EXPLORE THE MODERN BARTENDER

Pony Salon

73 E Cordova Street | Vancouver BC | 604-620-9260 | | Pony Salon opened its doors in late November 2012 in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown area and is home to a team of hand-selected…EXPLORE PONY SALON

Much & Little

2541 Main Street | Vancouver, BC | 604-709-9034 | | Much & Little opened its doors in October 2011. It grew from a desire to create a personal shopping experience that offers…EXPLORE MUCH & LITTLE

Old Faithful

320 W Cordova St., Vancouver, BC | 778-327-9376 | | Old Faithful Shop, located in the Historic Gastown district of Vancouver, BC, opened its doors in May of 2010. We feel a close kinship with…EXPLORE OLD FAITHFUL

River Market

810 Quayside Dr. | New Westminster, B.C. | 604-520-3881 | | The concept — food-led revitalization centred on local, independent businesses — has proven to be successful since…EXPLORE RIVER MARKET

Lukes General Store

126 E Pender St. | Vancouver BC | 604-875-0450 | | Lukes General Store was started as a pop-up shop branch of the family owned and operated…EXPLORE LUKES GENERAL STORE

Rowan Sky

334 West Cordova | 604.568.2075 | | Situated alongside some of Vancouver’s top apparel boutiques and hip café’s in the Gastown neighborhood, Rowan Sky focuses on…EXPLORE ROWAN SKY

Still Life

2315 Main St. | Vancouver, BC | 604-876-5659 | | With thirty years in business serving the needs of the fashion savvy of Victoria, and now Vancouver, the Still Life brand has never looked better…EXPLORE STILL LIFE

Union Wood & Supply Company

503 Railway St | 604-675-9033 | | Founded in 2009, Union Wood & Supply Company is a retail and on-site furniture-making/interior design shop located in Strathcona North…EXPLORE UNION WOOD & SUPPLY


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