SCOUT POLL: Your Picks For The Best New Restaurants To Open In Vancouver in 2011

It’s that time of year again. My personal list of the Top 10 Best New Restaurants Of The Year is due out in the Westender on Wednesday, December 21st. We’d love to hear which were your favourites, too, so we’ve set up the poll below. When voting, you’re welcome to choose more than one restaurant (you can select up to 10), so feel free to just cruise down the list, clicking as you go. Happy voting!

Your favourite dish in Hastings-Sunrise?

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We’ll keep this poll “live” on our front page throughout the holidays, retiring it at 12:01am, January 1st. At that point, we will know the order of Vancouver’s new and edible awesomeness, according to Scout’s spectacularly well educated and generally infallible readership.

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  • Giancarlo

    great place

  • Adam Johnson

    Love Edible!

  • Eric

    Novo is so good. Been several times. Great food, awesome staff and good ambience.

  • Shane

    Good Food. Good Service. Good Positioning. GREAT Restaurant

  • Antonella

    The Burrata is creamy, delish and the best in the city! Pizza Bianco kicks ass…) The service is amazing and the owners treat you like “your family”! Buon Appetito!

  • negin

    best newly opened restaurant I’ve ever been to.

  • Sarah

    Love Edible Canada!!!
    Great location with lots of new fresh idea’s for food!
    Wonderful little gift shop they have in the back! So many great gift idea’s, baskets or simple things to pick up for your everyday routine!
    Edible Canada defiantly gets my vote!

  • Donna

    Great beet salad, too and fantastic antipasto plate, too!

  • Sandra Towning

    The oysters and crab are to die for!
    Love the intimate atmosphere.
    Great service and appreciate the weekly specials.
    Interesting selection of wines.
    I vote whole heartedly for Oyster!!!

  • Giant Char

    What’s with all these ridiculous comments?

  • chungbot

    sounds like some vote fishing to me…

  • Scout Magazine

    Pretty entry level stuff, though. My faves are the ones that don’t say the restaurant’s name. More amusing than effective.

  • roxanne

    Novo – the buffalo cheese salad rocks – it sooooo delicious and they make the best pizza in town.

  • Edible Canada

    Great food and staff are outstanding! Especially you Eric!

  • Alice Bradley

    Really like Hapa Umi for great food, always new and inventive menu items, fabulous desserts, excellent service and even a nice view. Sushi is not the specialty however the sushi’s are very good, delicate, nicely flavoured and delicious looking.

  • Sandy Briggs

    Black & Blue on Alberni, downtown Vancouver

    fantastic food and wine list, in a wonderful setting — eat at the bar or upstairs, listen to great music, very cool salt room for aging the meats (all done on premise). Recommend the Wagyu beef (get at least 8 oz), with creamed spinach and grilled mushrooms — HEAVEN !!!

  • Ron & Ikuko

    A great addition to the Hapa restaurant family – food, service and ambience simply great!

  • amy

    Love the Outpost Cafe!!!

  • Claudette

    Had my 50th b-day gathering there! Great service, fabulous food! A great time had by all. Kudos to staff and owners. Thanks

  • Claudette

    Novo Rocks!

  • Mt Math

    Hawksworth is the best dining experience my wife and I have had in many years. We would rate it in the top 5 of our dining experiences world-wide. While I’m a wine buff and spend North american and overseas trips focused on where the best wineries are, the Sommelier’s matching of the wines from his extensive (especially for a new restaurant opening) cellar with Kristian’s outstanding food, not to mention superb service, made our anniversary celebtarion, shortly after Hawksworth opened, truly memorable.

  • http://Scout Edda Insley

    Novo is the one for me. Great food, great location and great service….

  • http://Scout edda Insley

    Definetly NOVO!!!!!!

  • Mike Mitchell

    I love the place I work polls are so much fun.

  • Ken

    Novo has everything you need for a great eating experience…….delicious food,cozy ambiance and attentive staff. Thanks for a very rememberable evening.

  • Mario

    Novo pizzeria simply put is pure heaven.

  • Scout Magazine

    Holy pro Novo spammery! Funny stuff.

  • R. Blight

    Bibo is pretty decent…Food is good, staff not so much…

  • Mr.Cappuccino

    Nicli on East Cordova is by far as close to any authentic Napoletano
    Pizzeria found outside of Italy.
    Vancouver should count itself amongst many cities including
    Milan to have a pizzeria of this caliber.

  • nickie

    novo is really good. we’ve gone a few times and the food had always been good. I was very impressed with the service too.

  • chungbot

    Novo is amazing, I went there and asked that Kim Jon Il be removed of power and they even did that for me.
    Their service is amazing,

  • Scout Magazine

    Novo is amazing! Daniel Sedin was my server and Silvio Berlusconi made my Margherita. Best. Night. Ever.

  • John Clerides

    The New Boneta gets my vote, love going there.

  • pablopicante

    in other news, Novo is not that good.

  • Scout Magazine

    Y u no believe comments?!

  • Q

    Unfortunately, I did not have the best experience at Tap last night. The staff did not ask the entire group for drinks when she came to the table. She had to keep returning. We were still hungry after our main – good food but small portions for the price. She took one order of dessert and did not return for the rest of our requests for about 20 minutes! Then we had issues with the bill due to their POS system. I was hoping for more but alas, it was not.

  • Bella

    Novo by far has my vote! Ive NEVER been to such a beautiful restaurant, you can tell how much effort the owners have spent on making the restaurant classy elegant and beautiful. You can also tell how much they spent on the restaurant, adjusting the menu, friendly staff, always open to new ideas, trying to find the right everything for customers! Im a regular, and i definetely think they are the best restaurant to open in 2011.

  • CP

    It’s not on your list, but Fray on Fraser is turning some heads. Send some love to the new Fraser Street!

  • Chungbot

    Novo discovered the Higgs boson in one of their pizzas!!!!

  • Andrew

    The new A&W at waterfront station is amazing! The fries come in little fryer baskets! So cute!

  • antonio

    i keep saying there should be more classy elegant restaurants in vancouver surely the way of the future. oh and restaurants that accommodate my every whim and finding the right everything as well! we are so privileged here in vancouver!!!


  • Vincent N

    What’s not on the list that I think should have been was Cosca restaurant on Denman. A hidden gem that makes these great pastas.
    Save On Meats has been a good place to go for a Burger for sure.

    But you can definitely tell it was the year of the Pizza in 2011.

  • Pete

    Novo has great food, wine and service.

  • http://Scout Roxanne

    Novo Pizzeria was super. Great food, great service and a great location. Need to get heaters outside. that would make it even better

  • penelope

    Nicli Antica Pizzeria is the best!

  • Greg

    The Oakwood was the my best culinary experience of 2011 (in a year that included some of the finest plates of Montreal and Quebec City). My hat is off, way off, to executive chef and personal hero Mike Robbins whose gastronomic vision saw me exceptionally well-served!

  • Karel

    Nicli Antica Pizzeria is my fave new restaurant hands down!

  • Reza

    Flying Pig should absolutely been on the list

  • billum

    dang, hawksworth nice, but too dam noisy. someone screwed up there, so nicili combines the best of all worlds to win the fan favorite. sort of suspected it would go that way.

  • Scott

    Ensemble by far the best place on the list for food. Atmosphere is great and dales 2nd place Tap is a forsure winner too