Food Media Omnibus #546: On Eating Bugs At Vij’s And Forking Out $17 For Vanilla Salt

by Claire Lassam | Presenting Scout’s weekly Food Media Omnibus, a collection of links to the local and international food stories of the day…

The New York Times preps you up for holiday parties with 12 classic drinks using only gin, bourbon, and sweet vermouth. And there goes my weekend…

With food carts popping up everywhere these days, it’s nice to know that at least somewhere the lowly-but-wonderful hot dog is still going strong, even if it means sticking it inside a hamburger, which doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.  The LA Times checks in.

The Georgia Straight catches up with David Hawksworth’s latest at the Bel Cafe, and chats up Jacob Sweetapple about the new drinks at Chambar.

Anthony Sedlak’s latest gig heading up a cheesesteak chain is discussed in the Westender. Even after reading several articles on the topic it’s still weird to see those words next to each other. Anthony Sedlak + Cheesesteak?

Foodist gives a rare restaurant review in praise of Le Crocodile.

As someone who buys $17 vanilla salt, I should probably print out this article in the Guardian on high end salt and take it with me the next time I walk into Gourmet Warehouse. Oy.

When I first moved into my apartment, I ate Memphis Blues pulled pork sandwhich and a glass of champagne as my first meal. The North Shore News now tells me that a Pinot Gris would have been a better pairing.

Alexandra Gill eats bugs at Vij’s and sounds pretty okay with it.

The Province gives some insight into what makes supermarket food “artisan”.

I realize I’ve given you a few links to drinks this week, but seriously…honey bourbon. I think you need this. I think I do too.

For breakfast tomorrow, you should probably make these quince pancakes from Saveur.

And lastly, my idol David Leibowitz made an iphone app for pastry shopping in Paris.


Claire Lassam is a baker, blogger, and freelance writer based in East Van. She has been cooking and baking her way through the city for nearly five years, working in restaurants ranging from Cioppino’s to Meat & Bread. She currently toils at the soon-to-open Cadeaux Bakery in Railtown and runs the baking blog  Just Something Pretty.


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  1. hey claire, the cheesesteaks at sedlak’s place are really good I hear! yet to have one myself but the staff at morrissey are big supporters.