New York Magazine Does A Lengthy Travel Spread On Vancouver’s Restaurant Scene

It’s always pretty cool when Vancouver gets positive attention in well respected foreign publications, but it’s much cooler when some of that positive attention is focused on you. Scout Magazine just got a nice shout out in New York Magazine’s “Eat Your Way Through Vancouver” travel spread. Also singled out in the story are “C”, Market, The Diamond, Save On Meats, L’Abattoir, Maenam, and a bunch of other worthies. Yay, us.

6 Responses to “New York Magazine Does A Lengthy Travel Spread On Vancouver’s Restaurant Scene”

  1. Seafood man on November 8th, 2011 4:43 pm

    Argh. ‘C’ once again gets mentioned as a place worthy of a splurge. How many Vancouverites (i.e. not travel writers) would say that?

  2. Paul D on November 8th, 2011 4:54 pm

    Ah, how I dream of the day someone will refer to me as “trusted independent”.

  3. James Iranzad on November 8th, 2011 11:53 pm

    Didn’t the Guardian do just that recently, Paul? Not too shabby…

  4. laura west on November 9th, 2011 9:39 am

    wow trusted and independent that’s what a mother aspires to in a son!

  5. localvore on November 9th, 2011 3:08 pm

    Save-On was sure an interesting choice as deli/diner to visit. Considering the New York crowd they’re targeting in article, I’d be embarrassed to put S-O up against anything they’ve got. Shoulda gone to Chinatown and had dim sum..

  6. Darcy McGee on November 9th, 2011 8:54 pm

    “Trusted?” I’ve got my eye on your Morrison :)

    I’d have suggested any number of other diners over Save-On (Templeton, Acme–though I think it’s overpriced, etc) but none has a huge neon pig. Maybe the author was a Floyd fan.