DINER: Gastown’s Hotly Anticipated “Bitter Tasting Room” Issues Its First Call To Arms

West Hastings’ long (still) awaited Bitter is getting imminent by degrees, as they’re issuing their first ever call to arms tonight.

Bitter – a beer tasting room, is looking for servers to join its opening team. In addition to having 2 years of excellent serving experience, you must love everything about beer. We mean eat, drink and sleep beer. Ideally, you are the kind of person who plans their vacations around beer towns and breweries. Just like our brother, “Salt Tasting Room”, you will work with unique product, served with the respect that it deserves. Each beer will have a story to tell and you will be the storyteller. Proper glassware will be used for all stages from Growlers and Flights to Chalices and Steins. Beer will be paired with ‘beer food’ from all over the world, currywurst to pork pies and rabbit rillettes to fresh pretzels. There will also be a beer cocktail list and a selection of sipping whisky. Successful applicants will receive a training course supervised by Cicerone Chester Carey. Interested? Please email your resume to mike@irishheather.com

Check out some of our shots and video of the place after the jump…

The following was shot back in August, shortly after owner Sean Heather had taken possession of the heritage space. We’ll be taking another look and updating you on its progress with more pictures tomorrow…

  • Bitter exterior
  • Bitter exterior
  • Bitter exterior
  • Bitter exterior
  • Bitter interior looking north from the private room to the main bar area
  • The exit to the patio
  • Sean and Mike
  • Bitter interior
  • Bitter interior detail
  • Heritage brick column
  • Interior detail
  • Beam work
  • Brick
  • Laying mosaic fixes
  • Laying mosaic fixes
  • Laying mosaic fixes
  • Bar front
  • Patio area looking onto Hastings
  • Patio
  • Patio
  • Sean Heather


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