DINER: A Photo Tour Inside The New “Wild Rice” (Opening Before November’s End)

by Andrew Morrison | The new Wild Rice (aka Wild Rice Too) is only a few weeks away from opening. I toured the space at New West’s River Market with owner Andrew Wong yesterday and they’re looking very much on track. The skinny: the garage-door fronted, water-view dining area will seat 52 at square, interchangeable tables and sport a living wall of herbs and greens; the lounge will see a 12 seat bar, 3 couches, 2 armchairs and a host of low-slung coffee tables (a la the original Wild Rice on Pender); the open kitchen will include a line-fronting chef’s table of 8; and the patio – oh, the patio! – will seat about 35. Take a look. There’s clearly still a lot of work to do, but wow…

Get a load of architect Marianne Amodio’s gorgeous vision after the jump…


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  1. quay to the city | fill your face on November 8th, 2011 4:11 pm

    [...] suspense…) is that we will finally have a hip restaurant in our sleepy little town/city! wild rice is scheduled to open this november and having been to their first location (nestled between gastown [...]