GOODS: After “Best New” Nod At EnRoute, Hawksworth Gets Wintry With New Dishes

November 30, 2011 

Hawksworth is located in Rosewood Hotel Georgia at 801 West Georgia St. |

The GOODS from Hawksworth

Vancouver, BC | Recently recognized by enRoute Magazine as one of Canada’s top three best new restaurants, Hawksworth continues impress both guests and critics with the very best in contemporary Canadian cuisine. Highlights from the current menu include: Okanagan Bartlett pears, cooked sous vide for an hour in spiced syrup, paired with speck from Oyama Sausage Co., creamy burrata from Italy and a house-made roasted shallot dressing; a charred octopus salad features slow-cooked octopus finished on the grill with smoked confit Langley fingerling potatoes, grilled frisee and confit fennel infused with lemon; grilled sturgeon returns, lightly grilled following a 24hr marinade and served with a sunchoke fricassee, butternut squash flan, manila clams freshly shucked from the shell, finished with a clam nectar broth. Read more

SOUNDTRACKING: Exchanges On The Road With Pterodactyl, En Route To Electric Owl

November 30, 2011 

by Daniel ColussiPterodactyl are three guys who’ve gained a reputation for playing a kind of brainy, seizure-inducing style of rock that’s hard to categorize. And they’re OK with that. But with their newest longplayer, Spills Out, the band embraces the cornerstones of classic 60′s pop: sunny harmonies and poppy piano lines set atop a vibe of brooding melancholia. It’s a turn that serves the band well. Still present are the jerky rhythms and left turns hooks, but never before has the band ever sounded this focused or aurally digestible. I chatted with singer/guitarist Joe Kremer about the new album, the audacious homage to Superman in their home made video for School Glue, and whether the kids these days think it’s cool to be in a band. Dig in… Read more

INTERVIEW: Chatting With Abbie Finestone Of “Twig Prints” In Advance Of Got Craft?

November 30, 2011 

Photo credit:

Got Craft? is one of our local and handmade, indie highlights of the year. Imagine a room packed full of some of the coolest artists, designers and crafters around, all hawking their wares during the first weekend of December, just when we all start looking for quality gifts for friends and family. If you can do that, then you get the idea. It’s all very affordable, inviting the much more enjoyable “a little for me, a little for you” approach to the task of holiday shopping. Browsing the event’s list of purveyors online, I was immediately sidetracked by the work of Abbie Finestone, the designer behind Twig Prints. I want her stuff. Not for them, but for me.

“Twig Prints is a textile design and printing studio based in Whistler, BC. Twig Prints creates unique, charming, hand made textiles for the home. Owner Abbie Finestone was born and raised in Australia but has called Canada home for the past 14 years. She studied Art and Design in Melbourne and Textile Printing locally at Emily Carr. The product of a musician father and creative mother, Abbie’s artistic side was nurtured from a young age. “Everyone in my house was always busy doing their thing, playing music, sewing or working with wood. Creative juices were always flowing all around me”. Abbie likes to keep things simple by printing the old-fashioned way, by hand and only uses water based non toxic pigment (no machines and no nasty chemicals).”

We caught up with Abbie in advance of the fair to ask her some questions… Read more

SEEN IN VANCOUVER #325: Butter On The Endive Cooking At The Found And The Freed

November 30, 2011 

It’s cool when two of your favourite things come together (like peanut butter and jam), but it’s especially awesome when – seemingly – the two have nothing to do with each other but work tremendously (like bourbon and badminton). The latter was the case earlier this week when chef Owen Lightly of Butter On The Endive was cooking at The Found And The Freed. The pop-up shop of aged, often Vancouver-centric oddments and pretty Canadiana was celebrating the unveiling of its third incarnation at 110 Water Street in Gastown with a little shindig, and BOTE was doing the catering. The walls were all lined with the shop’s eclectic wares, save for a bartending station and an impromptu kitchen, where Owen, aided by Market’s Alvaro Musso, was slinging seared scallops with bacon-wrapped salsify, fried oyster Po’Boys stacked with pickled red onions, ham and sweetbread croquettes, and bowls of hot duck consomme with shroom tortellini. Also had were plenty of cool things we want, well made drinks, and not a few fun people. You can check out the shop from 11am to 7pm, seven days a week. Dig the old Vancouver bus rollers, Breasted maps, ancient lockers and assorted wonderments. Expect to see items from the store in future posts, but in the meantime, feast on shots from the night by Julian Kenchenten after the jump… Read more

GOODS: “Edible Canada” Releases Its 2012 Calendar Of Guest Chef Market Dinners

November 30, 2011 

Edible Canada is located at 1595 Johnston St. in Vancouver, BC | 604.682.6681 |

The GOODS from Edible Canada

Vancouver, BC | The 2012 Market Dinner schedule was released today, always one of our busiest booking days of the year. And with our expansion to Edible Canada this past summer, it only made sense to invite chefs from across this vast country to participate in our Market Dinner Series. Guest chefs from our own BC backyard will join us, as will visiting chefs from the Prairies, Ontario and Quebec. National celebrities (including Anna Olson,Connie DeSousaAndrea Nicholson, Derek Dammann), and local talent (including Vikram VijJames WaltNed BellThomas Haas) are headed to Granville Island. All are coming to represent Canadian cuisine to the fullest, and each Chef will prepare a gourmet, seasonal feast in our custom designed private demonstration dining room at Edible Canada at the Market. Check out all the dates and details after the jump… Read more

GOODS: City Bartenders Set To Compete At Kale & Nori’s Tasty “Bittered Sling Bistro”

November 30, 2011 

Kale & Nori Culinary Arts is Vancouver's newest catering company | 604-809-9479 |

The GOODS from Kale & Nori

Vancouver, BC | The concept of cocktail and food pairings has become extremely popular. and since 2010, Lauren Mote’s original “Cocktail Kitchen” competition at The Refinery produced energetic statistics: 168 original cocktails produced, 56 bartenders invited, 224 bottles of spirits poured, 14 different sponsors. This city’s brightest bartenders – a collaboration of seasoned veterans and young apprentices – took their place behind the wood and produced magic for 1680 total guests in 14 months. Lauren and Chef Jonathan Chovancek’s new company, Kale & Nori, is proud to introduce you to Bittered Sling Bistro. The bi-monthly food and cocktail pairing competition is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the craft. The next in the series – December 6, featuring Colin McDougall of Blue Water Cafe - starts with a cocktail reception accompanied by paired hors d’oeuvres in the gorgeous foyer of Legacy Liquor Store. The vaulted ceilings, spirit displays and living wall create a dynamic setting for this delicious affair… Read more

TEA & TWO SLICES: On Lion Pride, Effective Opposition, And The Great Development War

November 28, 2011 

by Sean Orr | Big Labour vs. Military: right wing media attacks left wing campaign which attacks pro-war lobby by calling it left-wing lobby…

“Don’t let people like Hitler catch you unawares and unready to defend yourself and your friends in the world, if he wants to call that the pro-war lobby stealing from Canadians, I’m gonna say we should rather let a leper near a small boy than someone who talks like that”.

So, just to be clear, you’re point is that you’d sooner allow a small boy to get leprosy than see somebody write a letter calling for an end to militarism? Not exactly, but if I argue with you, I must take up a contrary position. Yes, but that’s not saying “no it isn’t”. Yes it is. No it isn’t! Yes it is.

B.C. deficit projections up $313 million. Oh noes! Quick! Cut something! Cut some arts programming! Wait, there’s no time! Just go and cut up some actual art!

But there is no bubble! Canada’s Housing Market More Overvalued Than U.S. At Its Peak. We built this city on…speculation.

If only we could take the phrase “development wars” in the literal sense. Price Points: Report from the Development Wars.

Effective opposition requires the willingness to negotiate. Whenever community leaders maintain that more consultation will result in a win-win, that is true only if the desire for the perfect outcome does not defeat willingness to accept the merely good.

Speaking of effective opposition, or the lack thereof, check out this Occupy Vancouver Media Release: ”Premier Clark, you stated several times this week that Occupiers “violated the spirit of the law.” This is something with which you and your government should be familiar”. It’s a good list. I’ll add this: BC Libs Ignored Own Law on Ferry Price Hike.

Woman arrested after pepper spraying crowd of rushing Black Friday shoppers at a Porter Ranch, CA Wal-Mart. 10 injured. Oddly, this was not an #OccupyXmas event, though camping outside retails stores is perfectly alright.

So proud: Calgary Stampeders fan assaulted in Vancouver’s Gastown.

Bonus: Megaphone’s new campaign…I work Here.

Cool Thing We Want #310: Lovely Converted Antique Door To Writing Desk & Dining Table

November 28, 2011 

via Bologna’s Manoteca


The Scout List: A Curated Agenda For Discerning Vancouverites

November 28, 2011 

The main objective of this website is to scout out and promote the things that make Vancouver such a sweet place to be. We do this with an emphasis on the city’s independent spirit to foster a sense of connectedness within and between our communities, and to introduce our readers to the people who grow and cook our food, play the raddest tunes in our better venues, create our most interesting art, and design everything from what we wear to the spaces we inhabit. The Scout List is our carefully considered, first rate agenda of super awesome things that we’re either doing, wishing that we could do, or conspiring to do this week. From our calendar to yours… Read more

GOODS: Award-Winning “Memphis Blues” Has Joined The Growing Scout Community

November 28, 2011 

We’ve invited the legendary Memphis Blues Barbeque House to join our curated GOODS section as a recommended restaurant. They’re now proud members of Scout, and as such we’ll be posting their news and hosting a page for them on our awesome list of independent goodnesses. We’d like to take this chance to thank them for their support of Scout, and for making Vancouver a decidedly more delicious place to live.


Food Media Omnibus #547: On Merguez At 3am And Being Too Full To Keep Drinking…

November 28, 2011 

by Claire Lassam | Presenting Scout’s weekly Food Media Omnibus, a collection of links to the local and international food stories of the day…

If anyone could make China open up about arts and culture, it would be the amazing Alice Waters.

If you, like me, don’t have a yard, The New York Times checks in on growing mushrooms indoors and Britta Riley does a TEDTalk on turning a hydroponic harvest with a window. Fascinating and inspiring.

The LATimes waxes poetic about the Warren pear.

Nigel Slater gets excited about Polish food in The Guardian

Alexandra Gill gets out of the rain and into Cafe Regalade.

Andrew Morrison talks about off cuts, bacon bitters, and the thing that ties them to Vancouver, which is of course the upcoming Wildebeest.

The Province gets in on a food trend. Macarons are the new cupcakes.

Too full to keep drinking? Bon Appetit has you covered.

If only for this line -“You’re not a real Parisian until you’ve had a merguez sandwich stuffed with frites inside, at 3am” - you should read this article by David Leibovitz.


Claire Lassam is a baker, blogger, and freelance writer based in East Van. She has been cooking and baking her way through the city for nearly five years, working in restaurants ranging from Cioppino’s to Meat & Bread. She currently toils at the soon-to-open Cadeaux Bakery in Railtown and runs the baking blog  Just Something Pretty.


Zulu Report: Everything That You Should Listen To This Week

November 28, 2011 

Our friends over at Kitsilano’s Zulu Records once again present their weekly Scout feature, the Zulu Report. Within, staff from the West 4th music store provide The Track, the song that is on heavy rotation that week; The Playlist, which is pretty self-explanatory; The Gig, the must see show of the week; and The Glance, a view ahead to music on the horizon. From their ears to yours, enjoy…

The Track

THE SMASHING PUMPKINS – “Cherub Rock” – Siamese Dream [Super Deluxe 3 Disc Reissue] (Virgin)

Just in time for Christmas, the Pumpkins have reissued way more than you ever thought you wanted from their timeless ‘92 classic. The entire album has been remastered PLUS there’s a disc chock-full of demos and wrongly discarded B-sides PLUS a DVD of their performance at The Metro in Chicago. Bill Corgan is still inspiring if you give him another chance. Read more

SOUNDTRACKING: Sitting And Shooting The Breeze With Local Band “Sex Church”

November 28, 2011 

by Daniel Colussi | Sex Church. It’s a name that you’re probably reluctant to google. But it’s also a fitting name for a band that professes to depression, disappointment, and obviously a thick strain of black humour. Their particular style of pummeling, insistent garage rock is a marriage between the looping repetition of Krautrock and the grinding fuzz of the most vicious garage rock. And there’s a sardonic slant that runs through their music, with song titles like “Beneath The Bottom” and “Garbage In The Grass.” To be sure, theirs is a bummer trip. But it’s a bummer trip that’s a pleasure to behold. Live, the band scorches, leaving ears ringing and a bewildered sense of “What the fuck just happened?” hanging in the air. They’ve released two 7″s and two LPs to date, the most recent being the glorious Growing Over, released on the esteemed Load Records of Providence, Rhode Island. With the success of Growing Over and a hefty US tour under their belts, it feels like the right time to get to know Sex Church. I sat down with guitarists Levon and Caleb to discuss their tour, their album, and the best place to rent horror movies in Vancouver.


So you guys just got back from a pretty hefty US tour. You just got back, how was it?

Levon: We got back last week. The tour was good. We got our car broken into in New York. It ended up costing us a lot of money. We toured in a truck and the back was really secure, so none of our gear got stolen. But they got into the front and Mike and Nick’s clothes got stolen – all of their stuff – and also our GPS and an iPod. So then it cost about $450 to replace all that shit. So we went to Target and Mike and Nick got some new underwear and t-shirts.

Caleb: We didn’t get mugged or anything. It could’ve been a lot worse.

So where did you go on this tour? It started in Minneapolis?

Levon: It started in Minneapolis and then went all the way down to Memphis, across to Albuquerque and then up the West Coast.

And how were the shows? It seems like you guys got to play with some pretty good bands. You played with Pop. 1280 and also The Men.

Levon: Mostly pretty good. I dunno. It’s hard to be objective about it. Some of the shows might have been tainted by being in a dark mood, maybe. But thinking about it, we didn’t have to play to any ridiculously unenthusiastic crowds or anything.

Caleb: We only had a few stinkers and the stinkers were balanced out by goodness. There were a couple shows where there were only like, eight people there, but those eight people made it feel like there were a lot more people there. I’ve played to eight people in the past and it’s not been great. [Laughs]

Levon: We’re vaguely friends with those dudes from Pop. 1280, so that’s how we ended up playing with them. Pascal from that band, he set up a bunch of shows for us. And The Men, they’re kind of like a friend-band to us, so we played two shows with them. They’re really nice. We met them in Seattle six months ago.

With this band, The Men, the thing I always hear is that they tend to play in loft-type art spaces, that they don’t play in bars so much. It seems like that’s part of their scene.

Levon: We played with them in Providence and that show was in this crazy abandoned warehouse-factory type place.

Caleb: Artists had taken it over. I think where we played had been a rope factory at one time, but then somehow the city had sold it or something and it was being re-developed.

Levon: The place in New York was a loft. We played two shows in New York and both of them were in spaces, not bars. The kind of spaces that would never exist in Vancouver. They were both really well run. They seemed like, I dunno, they were run as businesses, basically. Super professional.

Caleb: They were high maintenance. And they were paying bands, which is unusual! [Laughs] I don’t think that’s ever happened in Vancouver.

Levon: They were running things on a really good timeline. Bands weren’t hitting the stage at four in the morning.

And Cheater Slicks – that’s pretty insane. I know you guys love the Cheater Slicks.

Caleb: That was weird. We played after Cheater Slicks.

Levon: That was super insane. Cheater Slicks played right before us, and so my favourite band ever…I’m not gonna say they opened for us!

Caleb: They didn’t.

Levon: That was in Columbus, Ohio, where they’re from.

What was Columbus, Ohio like? It’s a kind of semi-legendary rock town, isn’t it?

Levon: I think it’s a pretty rad place. So many awesome bands are from there. I dunno why…I guess it’s pretty cheap to live there.

Caleb: Yeah, you could just buy a house for fifty-grand.

Levon: I guess it’s just kind of this artsy-place? I dunno, but so many awesome bands are from there.

Caleb: It’s funny because when you drive into town, you drive in on this, like, back country road along the river…

Levon: There’s all this woodsy stuff around you and then all of a sudden there’s a this huge college football stadium.

Caleb: Food was cheap. Beer was cheap…

Levon: One of the dudes working the bar was from that band Times New Viking. The tall guitar player. It was this gnarly dive bar, but cool. It wasn’t really gnarly, actually.

Caleb: No, it wasn’t that bad. Apparently the neighbourhood was gnarly. But compared to what, I don’t know.

Levon: It didn’t seem gnarly compared to Detroit.

Caleb: Or Allentown…

So how were things looking in the Mid-West? Things must be pretty tough around there these days. I mean, I picture Allentown, Pennsylvania to be a kind of depressed ex-steel town or something.

Caleb: It’s gnarly in Allentown. When we first showed up at the place to play there was this cop serving a warrant on the house behind the warehouse that we were going to play at. All the windows were busted out. The part of town we were in … there weren’t streetlights. So it was really, really, really dark.

Levon: Yeah. And there were these dudes on the corner, kind of like slinging. Going on tour and seeing the entire US makes me realize how much I love Vancouver. I mean, that building we played at in Allentown seemed like a haunted…it seemed like the kind of place you’d take someone to murder them in or something. After going through the Mid-West and the South it was really nice to play on the West Coast. We know lots of people there. People are normal there. Once you get to San Francisco, the world seems normal.

Caleb: Yeah, the East Coast…man. It’s definitely, like, people are showing it. Just driving around and everyone’s…

Levon: Cleveland, Detroit…Port Huron, we played there. It’s this small town in Michigan. It’s like this festering wound. [Laughs]


You recorded your newest album at Otic Sound with Josh Stevenson here in town. How was that? How long did it take?

Levon: A month, kind of. Weekends and weeknights. To do the whole thing. It was cool. I liked the space.

Caleb: He’s got good ideas.

Levon: And he’s pretty much the reason why our album is getting released on Load.

So how did that come about? Did you guys have the album in the can before Load agreed to put it out?

Levon: We recorded stuff that we thought would be for a single. We recorded that with Josh last February. And then through a weird series of internet events – Josh was friends with Ben, who runs Load, on Facebook. And Ben posted something on our band. And Josh told him he knows us and had recorded us and sent it to Ben. It was weird.

Caleb: It could only happen through a 2000′s chain of events.

Levon: Facebook.

Load is a label that’s been around for a long time and has a certain cool pedigree. But I’d sort of lost track of it. There are so many noise bands on that label – it seems cool that they’re putting something out for you guys, who are more of a straight up rock band than most of what Load releases.

Levon: Well, he put out the Brainbombs, and that was like the clincher for me. I don’t know a lot of what’s come out on that label, but I kinda like being on a label that’s not a “garage rock” label. I don’t know what kind of baggage that would put on our band, know what I mean? And Ben’s a really nice guy. I don’t think we’re a lucrative project for him to take on. [Laughs]

I love the album cover for Grown Over (check it out). It looks great. Is that from someone in town?

Levon: That’s from our friend Jesse in Seattle. It’s awesome. He made t-shirts for us too. I just kind of told him a loose concept and he just went with it. He’s a talented man.


I heard that you guys are horror movie fans. What are some standout flicks? I just watched Black Christmas for the first time last week.

Levon: Oh, wow. Canadian classic.

Caleb: What I love about that Black Christmas is that it’s directed by Bob Clark, who also directed A Christmas Story! The two quintessential Christmas movies. It’s all you need.

Levon: um…Maniac. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Caleb: We went to someone’s house on tour and they had a Tom Savini autograph. I’ll go through weird phases when I’ll watch really specific sub-genres of horror movies. I went through as many Nazi-Zombie movies as I could find.

Levon: How many are there? Shockwaves is one.

Caleb: Shockwaves is the only I can even remember. It’s based on this book that had the theory that Nazis were working on creating zombie super soldiers.

Levon: There’s this really awesome movie called I Drink Your Blood that’s about this hippie-acid cult who start fucking with people. And so someone gives them rabies and they turn bloodthirsty. It’s really, really awesome. It’s early 70s hippie-exploitation mixed with horror.

Caleb: I remember my high school media arts teacher told me to watch I Spit On Your Grave.

Levon: That’s horrible

Caleb: We had a good video store when I was a kid. They had pretty much anything. It was one of those VHS places that had a back porn room. I shouldn’t talk about this! [Laughs]

I definitely remember that kind of VHS rental store. There’d be a little curtain into a back room.
You wouldn’t even notice it until some guy creeped out from back there. That kind of place doesn’t really exist anymore.

Levon: There’s Tom’s Video, it’s out by the Renfrew Skytrain.

Caleb: Yeah the front room is like this tiny video store, it’s rad. It’s got lots of imports. But the back part with the porn is by far the vast majority of the store. It’s huge. It’s so crazy. [Laughs]


Listen and learn more about Sex Church here. (carousel image via ChippedHip)


Zulu Records veteran and tunage aficionado Daniel Colussi is the Music Editor of Scout Magazine.

Smoke Break #900: The Best Ads Are Those That Will Never See Airtime On Television…

November 28, 2011 

Genius. Spread it around.

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