DINER: After A Year Off The Radar, Chef Anthony Sedlak Returns…For Cheesesteak?

I didn’t see this coming. After backing out of the Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe prior to its Olympic opening, young Food Network star Anthony Sedlak sort of disappeared off Scout’s radar. He has apparently returned to open a cheesesteak restaurant called The American Cheesesteak Co. at 781 Davie at Howe. Their latest tweet has them open tonight (officially at some point in November) and, from the looks of the visuals on their website (screenie below), I suspect that their conceptual designer went to Meat & Bread and Commune Cafe a few times.

It’s not clear from the PR if this is the beginnings of a chain (looks like the first move in a franchise attempt) or if Sedlak is an owner. Either way, they’re pushing his name heavy, so expect to see a lot of press. What to make of it? British Columbians enjoy places that do one thing exceptionally well, and nobody has done a really good Philly cheesesteak (that I know of) since Overtime in Victoria back in the early 90′s. The time is especially ripe for the indulgent tradition to tear us all a new one, and hitching a concept to a young star like Sedlak is smart politics. Prediction: double platinum. PR after the jump…

The American Cheesesteak Co. Opens the Door to a Philadelphia Tradition

Restaurant is Vancouver’s first to pay homage to an authentic cheesesteak experience

(Vancouver, B.C.  -  October 24, 2011)  One of America’s most iconic food experiences arrives in Vancouver as The American Cheesesteak Co. opens in the heart of the city’s downtown entertainment district (781 Davie Street at Howe) in October 2011.

From the streets of Philadelphia to Canada’s west coast, the legendary melt-in-your-mouth Philly Cheesesteak has been given a fresh, contemporary take. Serving classic and specialty versions of the iconic sandwich, using all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients, The American Cheesesteak Co. is Vancouver’s first restaurant dedicated to a genuine cheesesteak experience.

Chef Anthony Sedlak – a Vancouver native and host of Food Network’s The Main – spent nearly a year developing the menu for The American Cheesesteak Co.

“We went straight to the streets of Philadelphia to find out why cheesesteaks are so popular, and then created our own exclusive menu,” explains Sedlak. “Our cheesesteaks are true to the Philly spirit – they are incredibly satisfying, gutsy comfort food. We’ve kept the authenticity of the original, while maintaining Vancouver’s high standards for fresh, nurturing food appealing to a wide range of tastes.”

The American Cheesesteak Co. is a throwback to the old-style “steak” joints found throughout Philadelphia, serving a hearty slice of Americana in a fun and inviting, diner-style atmosphere.

The restaurant offers traditional cheesesteaks made from tender prime rib shaved fresh daily, savoury cheeses and proprietary seasonings, and served piping-hot on freshly baked bread. Guests will also be tempted by decadent specialty, vegetarian and chicken versions that bring together tantalizing flavours. These include The High-Roller, which showcases wagyu beef, forest mushrooms, truffle aioli and fontina cheese; the Chicken Milanese, made from hand-breaded, crispy chicken breast; and The Good Earth, a sumptuous vegetarian option combining sautéed vegetables, crumbled feta cheese and home-made pesto mayonnaise.

The menu would not be complete without irresistible sides – the perfect finishing touches to a cheesesteak:  signature, twice-cooked fries, skinny onion rings, market salads, and hand-scooped, all-natural milkshakes or ice-cream sandwiches.

“Philadelphians have had a love affair with the cheesesteak since the 1930s – it is tried and true fare,” adds Sedlak.  “We use simple, real ingredients to re-create this soulful classic.  The American Cheesesteak Co. will be an experience that warms the stomachs, heart and spirit of Vancouver.”

The American Cheesesteak Co. is fully-licensed with sit-down dining in the restaurant and year-round patio. Open daily from 11:30 a.m. till very late, the restaurant invites lunch, dinner and late-night crowds to discover why cheesesteaks are such a time-honoured tradition, capturing the hearts of Americans for more than 75 years.  www.americancheesesteak.com

Interviews with Chef Anthony Sedlak and press kits are available upon request.

  • pedro

    Must be the joint that has said “open in Summer 2011″ for about a year..

  • Geoffro

    Looks promising on the food front!

    Shame about the logo and name … seems like something I would pass by at Bellis Fair Mall.

  • giselle

    the website says you have the cheese choices are American, Provolone or Whiz … really? cheese whiz? that’s revolting …

  • Scout Magazine

    Gross or not, cheese whiz is the way it’s supposed to be done. It’ll be the first version I try, for sure. :-)

  • Bernadette

    Cheese whiz is the traditional choice, sure, but doesn’t it conflict with the emphasis on “all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients” in the PR?

  • Bernadette

    Also, refering to basic processed cheddar as “American cheese” may be the Philadelphian terminology, but it’s likely to confuse Canadian diners.

  • Scout Magazine

    PR that conflicts? You’ll only see that when he’ll freezes ov…oh wait.

  • Paul D

    “Gutsy”, “soulful”, “authenticity”, “nurturing”? I generally try to limit my press releases to one bullshit word per invented quote.

  • Xtina

    Maybe he coulda found another head shot other than the one he used for Corner Suite’s website? Kinda chintzy.

    I do love Cheesesteaks! Whiz it iz!

  • http://www.nickler.biz Sean Sherwood

    Nice to see a chef that isn’t so caught up in culinary masturbation bang out some comfort food for the masses.

    Loving food sometimes means you have to love the ugly bits too. Find some charm in the ‘whiz’, it held the hand of most of us as we negotiated the tricky world of campbells tomato soup, wonder bread, and bicks pickles.

    Are we all so far gone into our gastro worship to have forgotten that we’re actually products of these white trash icons of middle america?

    Don’t hate the whiz, it probably got you through some skinned knees, epic snow days, and matchbox car smashup derbys.

    Best of luck chef Sedlak.

  • Jacey Gillis

    Hello Anthony ! Cheers & good luck. What an adorable and classy looking eatery you have. XOX… i wanna sing for you in your restaurant and do your dishes … i can cover Elton John & George Michael and tons more !!!!! XOXOXOXXOOX…. come on, HIRE ME !!!!

  • Scout Magazine

    Sing the song!

  • Jacey Gillis

    There’s a need for what Anthony brings the community. He’s an eloquent and energetic man with a passion for people; kids & families alike; and the sensitivity as well as firm bold vision to create magic & meaning in hi s work. He brings the neighborhood style, grace and good taste and he’s the sexiest man i’ve ever laid eyes on.

  • Scout Magazine

    But have you met Neil Wyles?

  • Jacey Gillis

    I’d LOVE to sing for him… i also gotta massive MASSIVE crush on him tho… hee hee…i’m waiting to hear from him so i can sing Pet Shop Boys songs to him (“Opportunities” would be really good for his new restaurant!!!)… *sigh… I stare longingly at his phone number which i managed to get out of him in the kitchen… but i don’t dial cos i’m way too nervous… xox

  • Jacey Gillis

    Who is Neil Wyles ???

  • http://www.nickler.biz Sean Sherwood

    Neil invented Yaletown, as far as local legend tells…

  • chungbot

    Wow. All I can say is wow.
    If I open a restaurant I really hope one my moms single friends or creepy #1 fanboy/girl starts cheering for me on the interwebs. It’s not helping.

  • suzybel58

    Good luck on your new venture, Anthony, my mouth is watering for a Philly. By the way, I love Cheez Whiz!

  • Neil Wyles

    Hey, thanks for the shout out but sadly, father time is catching up to me and I am looking more and more like one old Ernest Borgnine and less and less like the young Richard Gere.

    And Sean, I did not invent Yaletown, but I do hold the trademark!

    Emad Yacoub invented Yaletown

  • http://www.nickler.biz Sean Sherwood

    More like he franchised Yaletown.

    I keep waiting for a Global/social/Kitchen to open up in my hood so I’ll know where to park my mazeratti.

    Wait..i don’t have a mazeratti.


  • http://604foodtography.com Kevin

    Frick, I wish Scout posts had comments like these all the time.

  • http://www.vinevie.wordpress.com Natasha

    I have yet to be seduced by a good cheese steak, I’ll have to check this out.

  • http://www.hotmail.com Candy Man

    Awol in Ottawa

    Awol at CSB

    Awol during night at Grouse!

  • pablopicante

    the magnificent houdini-like Sedlak or no, it is one delicious sammich.

    cost’s a bit of an issue – after procuring some fries to share, a soda and tip i was in for $24.

    (for my $$ i’ll keep going to M&B – don’t worry Frankie)