TEA & TWO SLICES: On The Laziness Of The Poor And The Cost Of #OccupyVancouver

by Sean Orr“Dianne Watts, Christy Clark, and everyone else hosting these war criminals, shame on you”. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

B.C. Hydro will screw working families. Man, what is with all these headlines just doing the work for me?

Aha! Here’s one: Legalizing drugs isn’t the answer. Maybe not, but it is an answer. Don’t get me wrong, I can get drugs super easy and if the government controlled it they would just fuck that up like they did with alcohol. But yeah…

It’s like the mainstream media can finally get on with their eugenics coverage: Our genes do not predetermine destiny. In other words, poor people are poor because they are lazy.

City Caucus pretty much concedes that fellow blogger Mike Klassen and the NPA have no chance of winning. Ye olde poll numbers concur.

And speaking of City Caucus, it – like The Province – is concerned that Occupy Vancouver has cost the city more than $500,000 since it began last Saturday. While they conveniently don’t mention oh, say the cost of each Canucks Game/UFC fight/Fireworks, the real irony is that, as free-market fundamentalists they’re the ones who write off expenditures like social and environmental costs as externalities. If there was any sense to things, this protest would be marked in black ink and not red. Instead, because the Occupy campers aren’t “moving units” that contribute to the economy, they are an inefficiency. You know, like childbirth.

Fuck the G-ride, I want the machines that are makin’ them: Tom Morello speaks at #occupyvancouver. Invites entire crowd to The Vogue!

And then the very next night at the Vogue? OccupyPechaKucha! I even had my own bloody hashtag, even though it might be better suited for someone like Troy Barrie with Engineers Without Borders. Does this mean I get a raise? [ed. note: I’m afraid not]

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  1. The New Yorker has published an comprehensive story that ostensibly favours legalization/harm reduction approach to drug abuse. The author examines Portugal, where personal drug use is not a crime, and where addiction is treated as a public health issue. Addiction, crime and AIDS rates are down.

    Getting A Fix
    Portugal decriminalized drugs a decade ago. What have we learned?


    (Unfortunately, the entire story isn’t available online, but even the one-page abstract is enlightening.)

  2. I’m not even remotely surprised that you don’t understand what externalities are…

  3. Externalities are, by definition, a cost or benefit imposed on a third party. If you’re describing something as an externality, you’re certainly not just “writing it off”.

    Scout: Please, please, please stop giving this smug prick a soapbox to voice his uninformed opinions.

  4. “While they conveniently don’t mention oh, say the cost of each Canucks Game/UFC fight/Fireworks, ”

    good point, not to mention anti olympic protests and all the other new world order protests ad nauseum

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