Seen In Vancouver #318: Massive Montauk Store Opens At 228 Abbott St. In Gastown

Family-owned, carbon-neutral Montauk Sofa just opened their sleek new store in Gastown at 228 Abbott. The 6,000 sqft open concept space had been under heritage renovation for over two years, and as you can see the end result is pretty stunning. Scout film-makers Sean Horlor and Steve Adams (of Steamy Window) went and previewed it for us the other day. Click the video above for our exclusive look see…


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  1. I realize these guys are artists, but I was pretty pissed when I found out that this location was another furniture store. That seems to be the only thing opening up in Gastown these days (I’m sure the giant space just leased at the corner of Carral and Water is going to go back to being one as well!)

  2. the continuing gentrification of the dtes, why no pallet gallery? no recycled furniture showrooms. Scout Magazine the schizophrenic gentrification barometer for the DTES, prasise and chastise depending on the almighty adversting and schmoozing rites.

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