Foreign Intelligence Brief #376: On Apple’s New Digs And Amoebas Hungry For Brains

August 18, 2011 

Lost 1992 promo video for The Smiths turns up. Meh. It was really nothing, William.

Germans being German of the day: exploring the underground city that is no taller than you are.

And now with extra Germany: Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow.

Sign of the et cetera: Catholic Spain not keen on shelling out S144,000,000 for papal visit during time of economic crisis.

The guy who might be the next President of the United States is terrifying. Him + her = the most awesome nightmare since (actus me invito factus non est meus actus)

A gift for the camera-loving alcoholic in your life, because one day he might pour a tot of Bruichladdich on his Canon EF 24-105mm lens and that would kind of be funny, though alcoholism is very serious and you should definitely seek help for your friend.

When food geeks dream jewelery, someone punches a baby deer.

Brain eating zombie amoebas kill three. Wait…what? This isn’t fear-mongering journalism at its worst. It’s CNN, brother, and “this is the time of year when there is an uptick in cases.” Not to worry. I spelled amoebas right.

(above and below) Steve Jobs’ new plans for Apple Headquarters, circa 2015. “This new four-story infrastructure is a minimalist design from Foster + Partners, and features heavy use of glass and an indoor park. Jobs compared it to a landed spaceship.” (via Curated)