BOOZER: On Campari’s Little Sister “Aperol” And How To Make A Lovely Cocktail With It

by David Greig | Aperol is an Italian aperitif, created in Padua in 1919 by the Barbieri company. Bright orange in colour, it is flavoured with bitter oranges, gentian, rhubarb and other naturals. It’s produced nowadays by Campari, and bears a striking similarity to it, although it weighs in at a positively wine-like 11%, making it a distinctly lighter alternative.

What is it, really? Relatively new to BC, the sultry little minx of a liqueur is a perfect way to move the fruit-loving masses gently toward bitter flavours. It has two popular descriptions: “Baby Campari”, and or my personal favourite, “Campari’s younger, hotter sister.” It is the Pippa Middleton of every back bar, straddling two worlds with ease – those of the Fun, Simple Drink and the Dreaded, Serious Bartender – and keeping everyone happy in the process.

What to make with it? An Aperol Spritz (pictured above)

2oz Aperol
3oz Prosecco
Splash of club soda
Build over ice
Garnish with orange slice


United Kingdom import David Greig is the Cocktail Editor at Scout Magazine. He can usually be found working the wood and well at Gastown’s popular L’Abattoir restaurant when he’s not typing at home or sipping his way around town.


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