BOOZER: 16 Brave Competitors Named For “Bar-ate Kid Invitational” Bar Competition

by David Greig | The final line up of bartenders for the Bar-ate Kid Invitational has now been confirmed. A total of 16 barkeeps will ready for battle at The Keefer Bar on July 4th at 1pm. The brave, representing competitors are as follows:

David Bain (Uva)
Josh Pape (Diamond)
Shaun Layton (L’Abattoir)
Trevor Kallies (Donnelly Group)
Simon Kaulback (Boneta)
Jess Nichol (Boneta)
Dani Tatarin (The Keefer)
Jason Browne (Calabash)
Steve Da Cruz (Waldorf)
Jacob Sweetapple (Fairmont Pacific Rim)
Robyn Gray (Hotel Georgia)
Brad Stanton (Hawksworth)
Ron Oliver (Diamond)
Robin Holl-Allen (Jules)
Gez McAlpine (The Keefer)
Brian Grant (Pourhouse)

A mighty fine line up if ever there was one! Also, the three judges who will be calling proceedings will be Andrew Morrison (Scout Magazine), David Wolowidnyk (West Restaurant) and yours truly (L’Abattoir, Scout Magazine).


United Kingdom import David Greig is the Cocktail Editor at Scout Magazine. He can usually be found working the wood and well at Gastown’s popular L’Abattoir restaurant when he’s not typing at home or sipping his way around town.


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  1. Can we make some sort of dishwasher competition? I’m sick of all these bartenders with their incredible skills. We could call it Ferris Bueller’s Dish-Off.