Awesome Thing We Ate #839: The Fish Taco From New Street Food Purveyor “Tacofino”

Once upon a summer there was a food truck in a gravel parking lot in Tofino called Tacofino. We frequented it plenty, because it was good, really good, as in awesome tacos and the best-tortilla-soup-we’d-ever-had good. Rejoice, Vancouver, for now that goodness is here among us, rocking lunches on the corner at Robson and Howe. Keep up with their movements here. Should you ever catch up to ‘em, pounce.

  • David J. Cooper

    I tried to get lunch from these guys a week or so ago. Seems the three peopel working in the truck couldn’t figure out the order of the guy in front of me. I waited and waited. After about ten minutes of not even being recognised as a customer I left. I was the only other customer there so…..

    Not the pro operation Cartel is. I kept moving and ended up with the excellent chicken sandwich from the Brasserie truck. Fantastic.

  • Scout Magazine

    Bummer. They put on a pro op, high volume show when they toiled in Tofino, so I assume they’ll do the same here. Like Cartel, they’re awesome people and the food is worth enduring a wait. What’s more, they’ve only just begun. If your up for it, try ‘em again.

  • Toby

    I vote for giving them another try too :) I’ve been twice now & have left happy both times.

  • David J. Cooper

    So I took your advice and gave them another chance. They never showed today (Monday) checked back three times between 11 and 12:30. Like I said not pro at all.

  • Scout Magazine

    I hear your pain, David. If you’re at all open to suggestion, maybe try and allow the elusiveness and happenstance of street food to add to the allure. I tracked them on Twitter to a party off Cambie the other night and enjoyed two of the best fish tacos I’ve ever had anywhere. If I can do that on crutches with a broken leg…

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