GOODS: The Waldorf’s Tiki Bar To Launch “Exotica” Night Of Vintage Burlesque…

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The GOODS from The Waldorf Hotel

Vancouver, BC | The Waldorf is tapping into Vancouver’s rich history of vaudeville and burlesque by launching Exotica with two nights of auditions. Happening every Wednesday in our world famous Tiki Bar, the night is curated by Cecilia Bravo, the founder of Vancouver’s burlesque scene. A throwback to high glamour events from the 30s and 40s, attendees can expect an authentic burlesque experience. Open casting calls are on June 22nd and June 29th and these events will be open to the public. Special guest, Chaz Royal, a global force in the burlesque revival, will be DJing and hosting alongside Miss Bravo. Selected dancers will be added to Exotica’s regular rotating cast.

Anyone interested in auditioning should send an email to Get all the details after the jump…

Official Details
Exotica Auditions
Wednesday June 22nd & 29th
Show 9pm
The Waldorf Tiki Bar

Every Wednesday starting July 6th
Show 9pm
The Waldorf Tiki Bar

About Cecilia Bravo
Cecilia Bravo is the founder of Vancouver’s burlesque revival. She staged her first show in Vancouver in April of 1996, The Fluffgirl Revue. After numerous successful sold out shows, Miss Bravo began a monthly Burlesque revue with a regular cast of 15-20 performers and a live burlesque band. These landmark shows continued to meet the growing demand for this lost art form and pioneered the rebirth of fully-staged neo burlesque shows in Canada. After touring the world—with regular nights in Rome and London—Cecilia has come back to Vancouver to redefine the city’s burlesque scene.

About Chaz Royal
After a decade of promoting, booking and managing International music and live events, in 2001 talented impresario Mark Henderson re-branded as Chaz Royal and blazoned the trail for the 21st century burlesque phenomenon. Having launched sell out road shows across hundreds of cities throughout North America, the UK & Europe, Chaz went on to create London Burlesque Fest, Amsterdam Burlesque Fest and many other signature events. With more than 500 burlesque and variety productions to his name – the Chaz Royal brand has become synonymous with the world’s most high-profile and successful burlesque events. Internationally recognised as the ‘King of Burlesque’ and one of the world’s most influential and innovative burlesque producers; the ‘Chaz Royal stamp’ guarantees the very highest quality of burlesque entertainment.

About The Waldorf Hotel

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