DINER: “The Ascot” Nearing Official Opening In The Old Cassis Bistro Location On Pender

by Andrew Morrison | I just took a spin inside the old Cassis spot at 420 West Pender. I’d taken previous peeks but there wasn’t much to look at, but now…wow…they’re pretty much done. As you can see from the photos below, they’ve maintained (and enhanced) plenty of the original character, and the back patio (10 seats) is looking better than I remember it (it always was one of Vancouver’s most undersung outdoor gems). They’ve been open for a few dry runs already with friends and family (still waiting on a POS system), and aim to be open for real as early as this weekend, sporting a liquor license until 2am and comforting soul food. Originally, owners Stu Morton and John Wirth had thought of calling it The Pender, but have decided on The Ascot instead (a nicer ring to it, methinks). Break a leg, fellows.


  • http://www.vinevie.wordpress.com Natasha

    What type of food will they be serving here?

  • Scout Magazine

    Sounded kitchen sink; pastas, meatloaf, etc.