Seen In Vancouver #284: A Sneak Peek At The Upcoming “Ki” Restaurant’s Interior…

It may look like a hive of construction mayhem on the outside, but the interior of Ki Restaurant appears to be very nearly finished (shot taken this morning). This is the bar/lounge area at the building’s glass prow that juts toward Market in the Shangri-La.

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  1. Ki is great. It will have a Northern and sourthern side to the restaurant, not connected and completely separate. The North side will be a Bar with drinks and bar menu. Decor will be Bamboo and every attention to detail. Sake being a focal point and served warm or cold. The south side will be the restaurant. This restaurant has one of the only tap water distillers and sparkelers in B.C. They will not need to order in pellegrino, a special machine not only purifies but also adds carbonation to regular tap water. A really Cool attribute. They will also serve hot towels after service.