Diner: “Pourhouse” Picks Up Adam Johnson And The Guiding Hand Of Chef J.C. Poirier

Ever since the departure of co-owner/chef Chris Irving from Pourhouse (I believe he’s in Russia at the moment), there was a bit of a hole in the Gastown restaurant’s ops. That was filled by J.C. Poirier some three weeks ago. Poirier, the full-time chef de cuisine at Campagnolo, came on board as “executive chef consultant” some three weeks ago. He has designed an new menu and appointed Adam Johnson (the former sous chef to Robert Belcham) as chef de cuisine to execute and manage the kitchen. Poirier will be moonlighting at Pourhouse for at least one year, working with the restaurant in his free time.

  • Chris Irving

    Russia is still a prospect, and I have been invited to Moscow, but currently I am cooking in the South of France.