On UR Discussing The Loss Of Lumiere, The CCC And The Coming Of Nicli & Stackhouse

I mention in the show that out of 300 or so restaurants that have opened in recent years, only nine have flirted with fine dining and out of that 9, five have either closed or been re-imagined/re-branded. I woke up to some emails asking for names. For the record, these restaurants are Yew (still open), Oru (still open), Market (still open), Voya (closed), Fuel (closed, re-imagined as Refuel), Gastropod (closed, re-imagined as Maenam), Lumiere (soon to close), Rare (closed) and Metro (closed).

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  1. Note the only “fine dining” restaurants still open are all hotel restaurants, usually funded by the host hotel. These are all fine establishments, but they generally have a mandate to stay open, and play on a different field financially than your local independent.

  2. What about Mr Kumpir and the Wok Boxes? Where do we go for baked potatoes and microwaved chicken?