GOODS: The Butcher Dines With The Chefs At Alexander’s “Two Chefs & A Table”

Two Chefs And A Table is located at 305 Alexander Street | 778- 233-1303 |

The GOODS from Two Chefs And A Table

Vancouver, BC | The next Two Chefs and a Table Wine Drinker Dinner will be held on Wednesday, March 23rd and will focus on the in-house creations of our partner Big Lou’s Butcher Shop with a menu that features locally sourced meats in every course, even dessert. The partnership between Two Chefs and a Table and Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is unique in Vancouver and gives the restaurant an advantage with expertise, selection and freshness of essentially an in-house butcher shop. Full details after the jump

Taking inspiration from the Chinese tasting menu style most notably espoused by Susur Lee, the menu starts off with the main course. By eating the entrée first, hunger is sated immediately and solid base in the belly is built upon which flavours and wines can be savoured and layered through the succeeding smaller courses until dessert, which remains the last course of the night.

Big Lou’s award winning partner Polderside Farms provides the poultry courses while Sloping Hills provides the pork for the first course and the showstopping pork belly bacon gelato dessert. Pemberton Farms produces some of the most succulent beef around and their rib eye is one of the featured entrees. Finally, Nicola Valley Farm has won great praise for their lamb which features in two courses on the menu.

Paul Watkin of the Icon Wine and Spirits Group has been a major contributor of expertise and inspiration to the Wine Drinker Dinners and, in keeping with the reversal of courses, he has selected some unorthodox pairings for this menu working on more opposite tastes than usual. Focussed on wines from Portugal and South America, the sometimes contrasting flavours serve to highlight specific facets of each course.

The Butcher at the Table Wine Drinker Dinner will combine the finest sustainable, local meats and artisanal butchering with expertly selected wines and an unconventional course order for what’s sure to be an utterly memorable night of food and wine.

The dinner costs $75 per person (tax and gratuity not included and reservations are strongly recommended. To book your table, email or call 778-233-1303. Two Chefs and a Table is located at 305 Alexander Street.

About Two Chefs And A Table

With one eye on the wonders of its spectacular setting and the other turned to the bustle and cosmopolitan energy of the city, Vancouverites have shaped a unique lifestyle that includes indoor and outdoor pursuits. Then menu concept at Two Chefs and a Table mirrors this balance, combining techniques from classic French cuisine with superb locally ingredients and influences from Vancouver’s broad cultural mosaic.

Two Chefs and a Table creates food to satisfy all sides of this fantastic city: from the casual to the classy, the sporty to the serious, with dishes which span lusty simple tastes and textures to more complex preparations—always delivered with flair, passion and precision.


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  1. This looks amazing. Although, is this event a fixed menu? Or will diners have the option of choosing their dishes? I’m not sure I was able to follow that part.