Gastown’s Award-Winning “Boneta” Set To Re-Open With Chef Jason Leizert At Stoves

February 23, 2011 

Mark Brand (left) and his partners at Boneta have hired on former Corner Suite chef Jason Leizert (right)

I’ve been jonesing for a drink at Boneta since Valentine’s Day, but you may have noticed that it’s been closed. You may have also noticed that back at the end of July we broke the news that the Gastown icon would close at the end of February and re-open in a space nearby. I’ve been asked if that is what’s going on, and the answer is yes and no. The restaurant is moving, but not for a couple of months at the very least. In fact, Boneta will reopen on Thursday evening in its original address, complete with new chef.Jason Leizert, who has been picked up off waivers after the closure of The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe early last month left him out of work. As for chef and co-owner Jeremie Bastien, he is taking a lengthy sabbatical traveling around Asia and Australia. For how long? Maybe over a year. He remains a partner, and it is his privilege to return at his leisure. Many of his original dishes will stay on the new menu, which is to be introduced as a work in progress on Thursday. The concept remains an idiosyncratic hybrid of French bistro and West Coast modern, and the drinks…well…they’re the drinks.


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  • Hungry Foodie

    Ahhhhh change is scary. I get hungry when I’m scared…. When is Save-On Meats opening and who’s going to be running the show there?

  • PG

    Congrats to Jason… Respect.

  • Doug

    not so sure about this one. he became the “chef” at corner when the original “chef” determined he needed more time to look at himself in the mirror. Jeremy Bastien is brilliant and losing him will cut my trips to Boneta down to none. the food at corner was unimpressive. it might work if the food doesn’t change much, but then again it did change pretty regularly. it seems it pays to have friends that own restaurants.

  • dave

    doug you don’t know what you are talking about! jason is a great chef with incredible passion. jason call me