GOODS: Kelowna’s “RauDZ Regional Table” Sets Mars Against Venus On Valentine’s Day

RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |

The GOODS from RauDZ Regional Table

Kelowna, BC | If the thought of Valentine’s Day has you choosing vodka and Chaka Khan, or singing a duet of “Love is a Battlefield” with Pat Benatar then the team at RauDZ Regional Table has the perfect twist for this “single awareness” holiday. RauDZ is saluting soldiers both on and off the battlefield of love with a weekend of specially created cocktails, amazing treats from the kitchen and fabulous gifts from local retailers.

Dividing the Valentine’s Day menu into Mars & Venus, Chef Butters has the women starting their evening with the “Orang-a Gonna Put a Ring On It” cocktail featuring Blood Orange puree and finishing the meal with a dessert of Raspberry & White Chocolate Mousse. The Mars side of the menu has the guys commiserating with a “Daniel’s Doghouse” cocktail featuring Jack Daniels, followed by Brined Sloping Hills Pork Rack Chop with Whiskey BBQ Jus.

The special menu, cocktail and prizes will be featured beginning Friday, February 11th and running until Monday, February 14th. Gifts from our downtown neighbours, X10sion 207, Blonde, Posh and Socialite will be awarded to lucky diners and keeping with our theme…no red roses or candlelight will be in sight!

This Valentine’s Day, RauDZ is cheering toilet seats down, full control of the remote, limitless shoe collections and the company of great friends.

About RauDZ Regional Table

  • Chef Rod Butters
  • RauDZ Blackberry ketchup
  • RauDZ calamari, desconstructed
  • RauDZ signature arctic char
  • RauDZ cheese plate, deconstructed
  • RauDZ chocolate trio dessert
  • RjB: Chef Butters' initials signify his high standards

RauDZ Regional Table is owned and operated by the award winning team of Chef Rod Butters and Audrey Surrao. Located in the Okanagan Valley, an area described by Chef Butters as the “ultimate chefs playground” the menu focuses on fresh, regional cuisine with fun presentation.


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The rjb logo are the initials of Chef Rod Butters and signify his high standards or “stamp of approval” on his signature dishes, the brand for both his restaurant and his food products.

“Men and women can’t be friends – the sex part gets in the way” When Harry Met Sally.

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