GOODS: Barman Jamie Boudreau Returns For One Special Night At Two Chefs

February 5, 2011 


Two Chefs And A Table is located at 305 Alexander Street | 778- 233-1303 |

The GOODS from Two Chefs And A Table

Vancouver, BC | On Wednesday February 9th, Two Chefs and a Table will celebrate the one night Vancouver return of renowned bartender and cocktail artist Jamie Boudreau with a special evening dinner event. The night will feature a paired menu of French-inspired classic dishes created by Chefs Allan Bosomworth and Karl Gregg matched with cocktails built around the unique flavour of St-Germain, the French Elderflower blossom liqueur.

It won’t be the first time that Jamie Boudreau will have teamed up with Karl Gregg; they cut their teeth together in the early 90s in the Vancouver food business when Jamie was honing his craft behind the bar and Karl was learning his trade in the kitchen. Since moving from Vancouver to Seattle, Jamie collected a list of accolades that includes awards like Bartender of the Year in Seattle Magazine, being named one of their “Best of the Decade” and being listed as one of Playboy’s “Top 10 Mixologists” in 2009. Jamie now spends much of his time consulting with bars all over the World on their cocktail programs and working on his award- winning bartending instructional show called Raising the Bar.

At the same time Karl has worked throughout Vancouver developing his culinary vision culminated by opening his own French-inspired bistro Two Chefs and a Table in 2008 with his partner Allan Bosomworth. In 2011, they followed this award-winner by opening Big Lou’s Butcher Shop, Vancouver’s first nose-to-tail craft butcher shop. While the dinner will focus on French-inspired preparations like Duck Cassoulet, Nicoise and Red Pepper Bisque, in keeping with the philosophy of Two Chefs and Big Lou’s, the entire menu will be made with local and house made ingredients like Polderside Duck and Chicken, long line caught tuna, house made pasta and Big Lou’s Butcher Shop sausage. “We’re really excited to have Jamie joining us for the next event in our Wine Drinker Dinner Series,” said Karl. “He’s one of my oldest friends in the business and I am excited to work with him one more time and have our customers treated to his world-class mixology.

The matched cocktails that will Jamie will mix and serve range from the original St-Germain cocktail to his own interpretations of classics like the 18th Century and Chrysanthemum, to the evening closing Bitter Bike, a Jamie Boudreau creation. “I’m looking forward to working, once again, with one of the first people that I’d met when I’d moved back to Vancouver. Vancouver is where I learned the industry, and I’m excited to be coming back to my roots to share and experiment with my friends and peers.”

The dinner costs $80 per person (tax and gratuity not included) and there will be two seatings during the evening. This night is expected to fill up fast so reservations are strongly recommended. To book your table, email or call 778-233-1303. Two Chefs and a Table is located at 305 Alexander Street.

About Two Chefs And A Table

With one eye on the wonders of its spectacular setting and the other turned to the bustle and cosmopolitan energy of the city, Vancouverites have shaped a unique lifestyle that includes indoor and outdoor pursuits. Then menu concept at Two Chefs and a Table mirrors this balance, combining techniques from classic French cuisine with superb locally ingredients and influences from Vancouver’s broad cultural mosaic.

Two Chefs and a Table creates food to satisfy all sides of this fantastic city: from the casual to the classy, the sporty to the serious, with dishes which span lusty simple tastes and textures to more complex preparations—always delivered with flair, passion and precision.


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