Cool Thing We Want #258: Nice And Cold Upside Down Beers At “Sea Monstr Sushi”

Around Christmas I posted a video that was shot at an American sporting event and showed a beer dispensing machine that blew my mind. Why? Because it poured from the bottom to the top instead of the other way around. Unbeknown to me at the time, Mark Brand and Alex Usow at Gastown’s Sea Monstr Sushi had one of the BottomsUp machines on order. With Sea Monstr’s liquor license about to finally drop tomorrow, Brand broke out the machine for an ice cold Sapporo test run this afternoon…

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  • Dave S.

    Awesome, just what the world needs. More disposable plastic cups serving crappy mass-produced lager at restaurants.

  • Sean Orr

    Hey look it’s Downer Dave!

  • David J. Cooper

    I could watch that machine all day. Still I don’t want to get my beer in a plastic cup in a restaurant.

  • Darren

    Beer in a plastic cup, no thanks.
    Alters the flavour and not in a good way.

  • Nico

    Yay! Refreshing & hypnotizing!

  • Gareth

    “Hey look it’s Downer Dave!”

    Bit rich coming from you, Sean.

  • Sean Orr

    I like to think I save my vitriol for something with a bit more substance, like say, I don’t know, the massive corruption of our leaders in collusion with corporate media vis a vis a quadrupling of homelessness and the erosion of our social safety net, not wether a novelty beer dispenser is bad because it uses fucking plastic cups.

  • Sabeerski

    Well Dave, I think its nice to see something a little unique. Where better than one of the best Sushi joints in Van. Making Gastown proud. Way to go fellas… Haters will always be around, sucks to have some proud.. All good though.

  • Kevin

    I assume these cups have valves on the bottom to allow the beer to fill up, so would these cups be re-usable? Still seems a bit weird to have to drink beer out of a plastic cup in a restaurant, as plastic cups and beer should only be a last choice such as stadiums.