GOODS: Oliver’s Road 13 Winery Teams With Joy Road For Vintage Celebrations

Follow Road 13 on the west side of Hwy 97 between Oliver & Osoyoos | 866.498.8330 |

The GOODS from Road 13

Oliver, BC | Join Road 13 Vineyards for a Vintage Evening Celebration on the 13th of each month, July to October. Take part in a four-course dinner, supplied by the folks at Joy Road Catering who are just as obsessed with the source of their product as we are! We may be “All About the Dirt”, but Joy Road is “All About the Cuisine du Terroir”. No idea what that means? Let us translate: “DAMN GOOD FOOD” (Pardon our French). Get all the details and learn more about ROAD 13 after the jump…

During dinner, Road 13 proprietors Mick and Pam Luckhurst will regale you with stories of life among the vines while you partake in the best and rarest red wine we have to offer! Then, to top things off, we will provide access to our “Wine Vault” so that you have a chance to buy some of the impossible to find vintages that you’ve been craving. Book now and remember, “Sometimes It’s All About the Celebration”.

$99.00 per person, Limited to 40 people per evening.

For more info contact Road 13. 250 498 8330 |

About Road 13

Road 13 is the location of our winery and two of our vineyard sites: the Home and the Castle. Our land was first cultivated in the early 1920s, when BC premier Honest John Oliver turned the area into rich farmland by constructing an irrigation canal from Okanagan Falls.

Our terroir-driven wines are offered in three distinct tiers: a red blend and a white blend call Honest John’s, a varietal series of red and white wines under the Road 13 label, and a premium tier of small lots and blends named Jackpot.

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  1. I was in Calgary in November and December visiting from Ontario. I had already heard about this house and how sensational the wines were. Unfortunately these wines are not available at home and I was lucky to find them in Calgary in December. I brought so much back to Ontario I had to check an additional bag of luggage on the plane. The Rockpile is stellar and I will be paying the extra cash to have it shipped to Ontario. Looooooove it!