“Ethical Bean Coffee Company” Launches Fair Trade Certified Organic Doughnuts

Ethical Bean is located at 1315 Kootenay Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-431-3830 | www.ethicalbean.com

News from Scout supporter Ethical Bean Coffee Company

Today, Ethical Bean will begin serving the world’s first Fair Trade Certified Organic doughnut. Canadians consume more doughnuts per capita than any other country in the world, and British Columbians can now dunk, dip, and enjoy this latest offering from Canada’s second largest fair trade coffee company.

Made fresh daily from a secret company recipe, Ethical Bean Doughnuts come in gourmet flavours that put a modern spin on the classic treat. The ginger glazed pairs deliciously with the company’s Exotic blend (an Oprah magazine favourite), while lavender, sweet espresso chocolate glaze, cinnamon sugar, and maple glaze are perfect for dunking into lattes or just enjoying on their own. Company founder and CEO Lloyd Bernhardt is also betting dollars that his doughnuts will be a hit with the Vancouver Police Department, who are setting up shop in the former VANOC building, down the street from the roastery café.

In addition to traditional doughnuts, Ethical Bean will also be offering mini-e’s: delectable bite-sized treats that are ideal for dipping into the company’s organic blueberry compote, lemon cream cheese and salted caramel dipping sauces.

Ethical Bean doughnuts and Ethical Bean mini-e’s are available at the Ethical Bean café and roastery as well as the Ethical Bean Xpress locations at Granville and Commercial Skytrain stations, with more locations coming soon.

About Ethical Bean

  • Ethical Bean Coffee Company
  • Ethical Bean Coffee Company
  • Ethical Bean Coffee Company
  • Ethical Bean Coffee Company
  • Ethical Bean Coffee Company

Ethical Bean Coffee Company roasts only 100% Fair Trade Certified and certified organic coffees from around the world. The Vancouver, BC, based company is committed to ensuring small-scale farmers receive a fair price for their efforts so they can sustain their businesses and provide a decent standard of living for their families. Ethical Bean coffee is roasted in Vancouver in a 100% carbon neutral facility built to LEED CI standards.


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There are 4 comments

  1. We had some free samples of these dropped off to my workplace today… unfortunately, the donuts taste terrible and the “timbits” aren’t very good either…

  2. Hi Peter,

    We’ve had a ton of positive feedback from samples sent out yesterday and today but we are definitely open to hearing both sides!

    Please let us know what made you think they weren’t very good. Feel free to email me directly at emily@ethicalbean.com. We welcome your input.

    Best Wishes,


    P.S. Did you try the ginger glaze? It’s my personal favourite. 😉

  3. Ethical Bean Coffee has got it goin’ on right now!
    Coffee/drinks for $0.10 at all their locations using Mobio.
    And now fair trade organic donuts? If I’m going to have a snack- why not do the world a favour by eating fair trade, and do my body good with organic ingredients. Mini dounts with dipping sauces?!?! I’m on my way to Kootenay Street right now…