Nu, Raincity Grill & “C” Going The Extra Mile During Dine Out

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Vancouver, BC | The Kambolis Group, never content to just do the “tried and true”, is going the extra mile for this year’s Dine Out. C Restaurant, glowing with new chef de cuisine Lee Humphries comfortable cooking, has forgone the typical three-course menu and replaced it with a five course-tasting menu, still for only $38. (A whimsical “to-go” course, petit fours and chocolates, complete the evening). Nu, reinvigorated by its delicate reimagining of Greek cuisine, does four courses: diners will be welcomed with crisp pita, homous, and olives as they settle in.

Proprietor Harry Kambolis (who’s in chef’s whites a lot these days) has already received strong notices for his deft and breezy handling of the Aegean Sea classics. And while Raincity Grill’s little sisters are going the extra mile, the English Bay-infused bistro is keeping those miles to a minimum: Chef Jennifer Peter’s commitment to the 100 mile diet is as steadfast as ever. “North Arm, Sloping Hills, Rossdown and Hannah Brook Farms are all 25 to 98 miles away from Denman Street,” proprietor Harry Kambolis is pleased to say. “I actually had one of my team Google map each farm.”

“I don’t see Dine Out as downgraded experience,” continues Kambolis, “I see it as an audition. Our patrons are here to see if they’d like to come back during the year, and I’ve imparted that mindset to my kitchen and staff. Guests can expect an experience that’s equal to the rest of the year.” Why did Kambolis decide to add the extra courses and courtesies? “Each new year, Dine Out effectively reinvigorates the hospitality industry, but for me, it’s not a cash grab: it’s a chance to give back. In my experience, our group always shines when it’s giving back.”

All three properties are now accepting reservations for Dine Out, which runs from January 24th to February 6th. (Raincity Grill: 604-685-7337, C Restaurant: 604-681- 1164 and Nu: 604-646=4668).


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  1. Dude! Reconsider that picture. Is it just me or does that look like ‘pissing into a bowl”?

  2. I was too distracted by the atrocious spelling and grammar to notice the picture at first; now that FotoCritic has pointed it out though, that’s all I can see. Nasty.

    Also, “I actually had one of my team Google map each farm”? Simultaneously pretentious and absolutely stupid.