Cocktails In The Kitchen At Kelowna’s Raudz Regional Table

RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |
RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |

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Kelowna, BC | Muddlers, infused spirits and blenders replace textbooks, calculators and #2 pencils in a cocktail classroom launching January 16th at RauDZ© Regional Table. Led by award winning mixologist Liquid Chef Gerry Jobe these “Liquid Sundays” have taken the traditional concept of a cooking class and the non-traditional curriculum of cocktails to develop an eight week program.

No prerequisites required other than an interest in the cocktail culture and to have some serious fun! Liquid Sundays begin January 16 with a look at the “field to glass” philosophy of the restaurant and the use of locally farmed ingredients in cocktails. Throughout the term subjects covered also include Whiskeys & Bourbons and the appreciation of raw spirits, a look into Artisan Beers and a creative session called The X-Factor with Matt Majid, who is currently third in the world for flair bartending where he’ll demonstrate some trade secrets to entertain your guests. In a kitschy kind of mood? Try out Tiki Night where class will be in session with Okanagan interpretations of the classic beach & boat drinks!


January 16 – Field to Glass
The “field to glass” philosophy of the bar at RauDZ and the use of locally farmed ingredients in cocktails

January 23 – Whiskeys & Bourbon
The appreciation of raw, aged spirits & how to successfully translate their value within a cocktail

January 30 – Okanagan Spirits
We welcome Master Distiller Frank Dieter who will showcase the world recognized Okanagan Spirits products and their use in cocktails. Taboo Absinthe (known in historical literature as the Green Fairy for it’s supposed psychoactive properties) is a genuine Absinthe produced according to original European recipes by Okanagan Spirits. Come, taste & learn about the Okanagan’s only Master Class Distillery.

February 6 – Artisan Beers
Join us for a tasting of local beers as well as a Cask Beer offering from Crannog, Canada’s only certified organic micro-brewery as well as a select tasting of other local breweries.

February 13 – The X Factor
Currently recognized as third in the world for flair bartending, Matt Majid will showcase the entertainment aspect of bartending with bar tricks & trade secrets, creative garnishing of your cocktails & how to involve your guests in the experience.

February 20 – Tiki Night
A beach & a hula skirt are not required, but Tiki Night will translate the tropical drinks of the surf and sand culture to the laid-back lifestyle of the Okanagan.

February 27 – The Classics
The birth of the cocktail, prohibition and traditional cocktails with some new interpretations.

March 6 – Generations
An evening spanning the cocktail timeline from 1700’s through the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and finally an unknown destination somewhere in the future. Apothecary, Japanese and molecular techniques will all be explored.


Liquid Sundays begins Sunday, January 16th for 8 consecutive weeks from 5:00 – 6:30 pm. Tickets are $40 for each class or 3 classes for $100 and must be purchased in advance by calling 250 – 868-8805 or email

Unlike school, with Liquid Sundays you can join us for one or all eight classes but space is limited so contact the RauDZ registrar today.

About RauDZ Regional Table

  • Chef Rod Butters
  • RauDZ Blackberry ketchup
  • RauDZ calamari, desconstructed
  • RauDZ signature arctic char
  • RauDZ cheese plate, deconstructed
  • RauDZ chocolate trio dessert
  • RjB: Chef Butters' initials signify his high standards

RauDZ Regional Table is owned and operated by the award winning team of Chef Rod Butters and Audrey Surrao. Located in the Okanagan Valley, an area described by Chef Butters as the “ultimate chefs playground” the menu focuses on fresh, regional cuisine with fun presentation.


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The rjb logo are the initials of Chef Rod Butters and signify his high standards or “stamp of approval” on his signature dishes, the brand for both his restaurant and his food products.

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  1. Not bad. A little over priced for what you get. The magazine articles can only do it for you for only so long. You have a waiting line so your staff thinks their all special. They probably all were special or thought they were at some point in their career. They don’t even know when to say thanks now. I wasn’t impressed but left a $60.00 tip on $235.00. They didn’t even know enough to say thanks. I could have given $0 and got the same response. I lived in Florida for 21 years and dined in a lot of great restaurants. Yankees are assholes. But they know enough to say thanks. You give a great tip in Canada and they either think your drunk or stupid. Why would anyone give a great tip if no one knows or appreciates it. Teach your staff to just to say thanks.
    It’s not all about the food!