M&B’s Frankie Harringtron Is A Super Scary Squirtgun Assassin

photo7The Money Shot game came to a close tonight after Sherry Diggle of Chambar was taken out by the co-owner of Meat & Bread, Frankie Harrington. This was just hours after Frankie was freed of his assassin, Alex Liakakos of Sea Monstr Sushi, after her seven allotted days to take him out expired, and just before Shaun Layton of L’Abattoir (whose target was Alex) was disqualified for not dealing with Alex in his 8 allotted days (he was given an extra day on all his targets because he accepted an extra one in the first round).  If you’re not familiar with the game, it came about to give those in the restaurant business an aggression outlet during what is traditionally one of the busiest and trying times on their calendar, the Christmas season. Each of the 25 players submitted $20 to a pot and received their first Target Dossier (an emailed headshot of one of the other players and the name of the restaurant in which they worked), and then the fight was on, with squirt guns of course, but any kind of water attack would do. Though I was chained to my desk for the entirety and witnessed none of the action first hand, it was cool getting texts in the middle of the night from people confirming their kills. My favourite:

Hi! I just killed M—–. I got her to come to my work to kill her mark. She killed A— and when she was done I killed her. The J— tried to kill me but I killed him instead. Good day.

Good day indeed. One player was taken out with a glass of water in their face over the bar (delivered by the bartender). Another saw his target enter his establishment but so gave away his intent with his eyes that the target sprung into action and preemptively shot him with a snub nosed water pistol at close range in the middle of service. Running gunfights went down all over downtown. There were chases down alleyways, ambushes well sprung, and stakeouts abandoned in frustration and the pouring rain. Lots of people got wet, but only one stayed dry. Our congratulations to Frankie, who wins $500 in Christmas present dosh. Well played.

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