A Travelers Taste Of Southern Thailand At West 4th’s ‘Maenam’

West 4th's crticially acclaimed Maenam is located at 1938 West 4th Ave in Kits | 604-730-5579 | www.maenam.ca

News from Scout supporter Maenam

Vancouver, BC | Fresh off his annual three week exploration through Southeast Asia, Chef Angus An has launched a new menu highlighting the iconic street eats of Southern Thailand. This food vendor speckled region offers cuisine themed by local seafood, fruits, and nuts, with dishes that are typically fresh and sharp or nutty and spicy. Largely influenced by its proximity to coastlines and a land border with Malaysia, the south has a strong Muslim presence resulting in the widespread use of spices like cumin, fennel, anise, and turmeric.

In the months to come, guests at Maenam can expect to try dishes like Kao Yum Pak Tai, an elegant rice salad of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, green mango, cucumber, pomelo, toasted coconut, betal leaves, and lime; Kua Kling Beef, an aromatic turmeric spiked dish with thinly sliced beef, kaffir lime zest, galangal and kaffir lime julienne; Tom Som Plah, hot and sour soup of sablefish and turmeric accented with dill; and Mussaman Gat, a mussaman curry of lamb leg, with toasted peanuts, perfumed with lots of dried spices and balanced with pineapples and pearl onions. To view Maenam’s new lunch, dinner and take out menus please visit www.maenam.ca.

About Maenam

The cuisine at Maenam is rooted in balancing intense fresh flavours with seasonal ingredients and locally sourced products, while always considering the context within which these dishes would traditionally be enjoyed. Maenam is open seven days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00PM to 2:30PM, Monday to Sunday from 5:00PM to 10:45PM, and late night on Friday and Saturday from 10:45PM to 1:00AM. For more information or to make a reservation please visit www.maenam.ca.


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  1. If you have not been, well worth a visit. Angus is a genius. Oxtail soup + lapsang sour= good times. Maenam!!!!