Our “View From Your Window” Project Finally Gets A Gallery

Once a week for several months now we’ve been posting the photographs that reveal the views from your windows. Whether a back alley or a sandy beach, we’ve been stoked to see where you’ve been coming from. Rather than continuing to archive them individually (which was stupid), we’re now dropping all into a single gallery so you can – in a pinch – check out what your fellows are seeing at their most contemplative. Take a look below and share yours after the leap…

[flickrset id="72157625251308272" thumbnail="square" overlay="true" size="large"]

The View From Your Window is a project inspired by Andrew Sullivan’s compilations over at The Atlantic Monthly, wherein readers from around the world send in photographs of what they can see from their windows. It might seem an obtuse endeavor at first glance, but whenever we browse through the personal “Views” of our readership, we connect in a way that Twitter can’t. And so…we dig it. Share your view by emailing a photo (no less than 585px wide) with a note detailing the time it was taken and the neighbourhood to andrew [at] scoutmagazine [.ca].