Tea & Two Slices: On Criminal Grannies And Facebook Pathos


by Sean Orr | BC Liberals asking for Life Sentence for environmental protestor. I’m not sure what the most terrifying part of this is. Is it that I can’t find anything about this in any of today’s papers or that we’re trying to lock up an aging environmentalist because she’s a threat to our safety?

B.C. introduces toughest drunk-driving laws in the country. “It’s absolutely unacceptable that people continue to drink and drive”. That is unless of course you happen to be the Premier.

Rape, murder and web immorality. “It’s not social networking that’s callous; it’s us”. Man, someone should start a Facebook group condemning the people who posted the photos. What’s that? Oh. Not only have they done that, but there’ also a new group defending the culprits? Aaaaand I slowly recoil from society forever…

What is up with all the I Love You graffiti downtown? My bet is on the Christians

5th Billion Photo Uploaded to Flickr is of Woodwards.

Don’t text 911: B.C. Mounties. What if you want to hook up later? OK, but all kidding aside people are actually texting 911.

Cheapcouver, a history: The Green Door…

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  1. I need more info on Gassy Andy. As word spreads people would like to know what happened and when.
    Any more info would be appreciated.

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