Vancouver Food Blogs: What’s Out There That’s Worth A Read?

I’m teaching a class on Food Writing and Modern Media at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts this Fall (details forthcoming) and I’d like to know what new(ish) local food and drink sites I should be referencing when it comes time to talk about the local blogosphere. I have my own favourites – City Food, Tiny Bites, Cherries & Clay, Foodists, Butter On The Endive – but the number has mushroomed over the last couple of years and I could use some guidance from readership. If you know of any good ones worth checking out (or own one yourself), please share the url in the comments below. Much obliged.

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  1. I recommend Follow Me Foodie – I recently did an interview with her for my own blog (feel free to check it out if you want to know more about her). She covers Vancouver, the lower mainland and does some features from places she has traveled.


  2. I generally don’t read them, but if you could combine the good writing on with the great photos on, that’d be something I’d check out frequently.

  3. @antifoodie

    Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without them
    causing sh*t when ever they pop up from their underground lair of negativity to get some attention.
    I gave you some, tah tah!

  4. Favorites for foodie stuff are I’m Only Here For The Food, Chow Times, Food And Tell, Butter On The Endive, and Noshwell.

  5. James, who’s the troll here, really? “Check out my food blog, everybody! I write about shitty Vancouver street food!”

  6. I can’t help you, Andrew. The only other “foodie” site I visit is Chowhound and sometimes Dine Here, but they aren’t blogs per se.

  7. Hi Rhianna, registration should open in the next week or so. If I’m not mistaken, there will be five 3 hour classes starting Monday, Sept. 27th. I’ll post the details as soon as they’re locked up.

  8. Yup. We’re looking at Monday Sept 27th from 6-9pm as the start date with the following four Mondays (skipping Thanksgiving). I’ll post the details as soon as they’re locked.

  9. Chow Time for sure. They have a large following and they blog on Asian eats most of the time.

  10. @ anti-anti-foodie

    “I’m Only Here For The Food” is precious little than a group socially inept tools descending upon unsuspecting restaurants in groups of 8 or so wielding an inordinate amount of camera equipment.
    if you click their “review” of the Vancouver Alpen Club and scroll down to the last pic you’ll see what i mean…

    find in the comments section where they site “indifferent service” and then look back at that pic and have yourself a good long belly-laugh.

  11. ^ Giggle. Tools or not, that’s certainly a winner of a juxtaposed photo. It fairly explains the whole “indifferent service” comment. 🙂

  12. Alex Tung, executive chef at Tapenade Bistro in Richmond certainly does a great blog @

  13. Scout is probably the best at what it does, but we have a new-ish food blog on Granville Online that might be of interest. Michael Robertson blogs about a mix of local food resources, resto reviews, events, food politics and considerations for sustainable food systems. Check it out!

    Sustenance – Taking pleasure in real food

    He’s also on Twitter: @reasonableguy


  14. Is it shameless to plug my own little Vancouver blog? Although not really a specifically Vancouver blog, I live here and blog here, so there ya go!

  15. Blogs??

    What ever happened to forums?

    One where Vancouver wine and food obsessed people get together is

    I like this blog, as well as which is a Vancouver style blog. Butter on the Endive and one I can’t find anymore written by a Hollywood /Vancouver type with tons of cash and some little doggies.