Whistler Brewing Co. Has Joined The Growing Scout Community…


Whistler Brewing Company is now a proud member supporter of Scout. We will be publishing their news and press releases on our front page and hosting a page for them in our list of local breweries and wineries. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support of our little website. Click ahead to read on or jump directly to their Scout page



1045 Millar Creek Road, Whistler, BC | V0N 1B1
Telephone: 604-731-2900
Email: info@whistlerbeer.com
Website: www.whistlerbeer.com
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If you are a licensee and would like to pour Whistler beer at your establishment, please contact us at 604-731-2900 ext 111 or contact matt@whistlerbeer.com. Please contact us to arrange a tour at our Whistler Brewing facility in Function Junction, Whistler BC! We would be happy to show you around, chat about the beer making process and have you sample our delicious and refreshing brews in our tasting room.


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Our Beer


WeissBier – Our annual Spring release is an aromatic, unfiltered wheat ale brewed in the traditional German style. Golden white in colour with hints of banana and clove and a smooth citrus finish.

Classic Pale Ale – Bold and full-flavored, with earthy notes and aromas of English hops, Whistler Classic Pale Ale is characteristically crisp with a wonderfully light bitterness.

Premium Export Lager - A Eurpoean-style Pilsner, golden in colour with mellow aromas of citrus and hops.

Powder Mountain Lager
– A light, easy drinking North Amercian style lager. Pale gold with mild effervecence and a clean, bright finish. Inspired by the Whistler lifestyle – crisp, natural and totally refreshing.

Altitude Honey Lager - Our honey lager is rish copper in colour with a creamy, off-white foam head. Brewed with natural BC honey, it is lightly hopped for asmooth, mellow and slightly sweet finish.

Black Tusk Ale – Our annual fall release, Black Tusk Ale is an English-style dark mild ale brewed with a special blend of imported roasted and chocolate malts. Obsidian black with a creamy tan head, expect a mild bitterness with notes of chocolate and coffee.

About Whistler Brewing


At the Whistler Brewing Company, we share a passion for creating unique, world-class craft brewed beers. Using traditional brewing methods and the renowned Whistler region as inspiration, we brew exclusively with Whistler glacier water. First established in 1989, the Whistler Brewing Company is an originator in the BC craft brewing movement and remains 100% BC owned and operated today. We invite you to visit and tour our brewery in Whistler at Function Junction, to learn more about our craft brewing philosophy and to sample unique recipes only available at select outlets in Whistler, BC.

  • http://www.geoffvreeken.com Geoffo

    Hm. I’m a big fan of Scout, ands trust your reviews. Whistler Brewing, in my little opinion, doesn’t make very good beer. Am I taste impaired? Or are you folks pimping a product that’s not-so-hot?

  • Scout Magazine

    Hi Geoffo. No, I don’t think you’re taste impaired, but taste is a subjective sense in any event. I helped to judge a cocktail comp WBC sponsored once, and left as a fan, particularly of their Pale Ale. Thanks for reading.

  • Jimmy Joe

    Living and working in Whistler for 21 years I have seen Whistler beer go from not so great years ago to wow recently. They have a new brewmaster who was at Granvilel Island for 20 years as well. Give it another shot Geoffo. mmm weissbier

  • Meg

    Thanks for the comments guys! At Whistler Brewing, we enjoy hearing all kinds of feedback – positive and negative – as it helps us to improve what we do and find out how we’re doing out there! Keep the comments coming, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


    Megan McKay Hall
    Key Account Manager
    Whistler Brewing Co.