Poll: Your Picks For The Top 10 Outstanding Patios In The City


After several feints and false starts, summer is finally here with a hunger to catch up and fry us. The temperature is supposed to climb up to 30C for a few days in a row this week, with hardly a cloud scheduled save for the occasional fluffy drifter (for the landscape painters). That means our patios will be in full swing, and I, presumably like you, am eager to anoint as many as I can with my little bum for cold beers, quality people watching and glorious sunshine. I’ve listed my Top 10 favourites below in no particular order, and I’m curious as to how you’d rate them. Pick one, or if you have any suggestions (patios that you think I’m missing out on), please list them in the comments below…

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  • Jonathan Ross

    Mill Marine Bistro. Best first date in the city.

  • Bob

    Best Patio obviously Sandbar.

  • Jonathan Ross

    The Sandbar isn’t a patio, it’s a savannah for the elusive Vancouver cougar.

  • Scout Magazine


  • http://www.amyfabulous.com amyfabulous

    I love the patio at C Restaurant and Nu.

    Great view, heat lamps, blankets if you get chilly and comfortable patio furniture.

  • Scout Magazine

    Those two slipped my mind. Totally agree, especially since they introduced the lounge seating to a third of C’s patio. Very nice indeed.

  • http://www.movieset.com Colleen

    Umberto’s patio on Hornby and Pacific is still the best in the City.

  • Scout Magazine

    Fond memories. Got married there.

  • Serena

    I like the rear patio at crave on main street. also falconeeti’s on commercial is pretty sweet.

  • Paul D

    It’s hard to beat the views from LIft, although Chill Winston on a day like today is about as European a feel as there is in town.

  • John

    Here’s a few others:

    Keg Yaletown

  • http://www.quiddity.nu sophiasian

    The patio on top of Lift in Coal Harbour is a lovely spot

  • Scout Magazine

    I also neglected to include CinCin on my list. A top three candidate for sure.

  • Anna

    Couldn’t agree more that Chill Winston is in the top, but Joe Fortes!? With that garden and a half Cobb Salad for lunch it can’t be beat.

  • Scott

    Chill Winston Patio with a Chambly (or three)… Near Perfect!

  • clee

    West Vancouver…. Old Beachside Cafe patio…. Now that awesome little place Beachside Forno.
    I could spend my whole summer out there, it gets the greatest sun, And I plan on living on their spicy caesars.

  • David J Cooper

    I voted of Adesso/Parkside. If the food at Brix was as good as the beautiful little courtyard, it would be my choice hands down. What about Le Crocodile?

  • David J Cooper

    Oh yes, also there is a table or two on the balcony at Le Gavroche. If Manny or Adam are there then it’s my choice.

  • Scout Magazine

    I also forgot the Teahouse in Stanley Park.

  • Cate

    The Teahouse and Seasons in the Park both have beautiful patios with amazing views
    The Courtyard Patio at Brix is one of the prettiest in the city and is year round
    Was at Kits Boathouse last week, not sure you can really call that a patio can you? More like a sun roof. But they are expanding out, fully enclosing what they currently have and adding a “real” deck
    Monk McQueen’s has a lovely patio, we sometimes go for a late dessert and drink there.
    A little gem many people don’t know about it the patio at Gotham that’s hidden out back. It has a fireplace and is beautifully decorated.
    La Terrazza’s patio is also hidden along the side of the restaurant, it’s a lovely setting, beautiful plants and flowers and fine dining with white tablecloths, which is nice.
    Il Giardino had the original and it’s still very pretty (designed by David Vance I think) and the roof patio at Joey’s on Broadway is interesting. And finally Bridges – always have to have at least one stop there each summer for a nibble and a drink.
    The rest are on your list!

  • AJWB

    Altitudes Bistro on Grouse Mountain, best view in the city!

  • CGS

    Beachside Forno in Ambleside!!!